Courier News

Are you ready for the snow?

The winter is on its way, no question about it and with the weather forecasts promising ice and snow already, drivers cannot be careful enough and prepare ahead for wintery road conditions. Even the most experienced driver can be caught–out by snow so the best advice, as simple as it may be is: keep calm […]

Document Compliance

You can upload and display your business documents on the Exchange to show that your company and vehicles are compliant e.g. certificate of incorporation, insurances, VAT certificate, O’ licence etc. Follow these steps to upload your documents: Upload your business documents and label each from the pre-selected list of document types via the Settings section. […]

Use the Courier Exchange Mobile App in Europe

You can use the Mobile App in Europe and receive the same benefits you get from the App in the UK! Reduce your empty return journeys Post return journeys from your phone, while on the road Advertise your real-time location and availability status Receive load notifications based on your current location Update your customer on […]