Are You Up to Speed on Driving Law Changes

Are You Up to Speed on Driving Law Changes

Even if you’ve been driving the same courier job routes for years and you know the lay-of-the-land like the back of your hand, here’s a heads-up; the rules of the game are about to change. Make sure you’re up to speed on the latest driving laws so that you’re not making costly mistakes on the job.


For your average Joe Bloggs acquiring points on your license and a fine is merely an annoyance and an expense. For a driver on a courier job it can cost an entire income. Many companies will not tolerate repeat offenders and even if you inadvertently break the law due to recent changes in road laws, ignorance is no defence. 

Phone Navigation System No-Nos

Fundamentally, drivers all need to invest in on-board Sat Navs as soon as possible. They are a basic need for any courier job. Attempting to use the Maps feature on your mobile phone as your navigation system will now result in a £1,000 fine or a £200 fine and six points if given a fixed penalty notice. Also, casually checking or playing with your phone even while idling at a red light can gain you the same consequence. So pocket the phone and avoid using it while in the vehicle at all.

Modern Sat Navs are a driver’s dream come true. Not only can they give you the quickest routes to your destination they will also send traffic, weather and road construction alerts and suggest alternative routes if needed.


Parking on the Pavement 


We’ve all done it at some time or another. We pull up, a little bit on the pavement with the intent of not blocking the road as we run a delivery into a customer and yet we may not be aware of the dangerous obstruction our vehicle causes pedestrians. Now this action will be deemed illegal and could get you a fine and will definitely gain you a number of dirty looks from pedestrians, which to be honest is not good for business.


Ever been stuck in stand-still traffic on the motorway and worse yet, you can see your exit but just cannot get to it? Many of us have seen no harm in jumping on the hard shoulder briefly to get us on our merry way! Well those days are no more and strategically placed cameras with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) will be ready to snap a photo of your manoeuvre and post you a hefty £100 fine with an additional three points. This nifty short-cut is no longer worth it!

There are a number of ways to stay on top of the laws that affect your courier job and frequently used routes. You can contact the Courier Exchange and request if there have been any recent changes and remember to continue to network within the driver’s arena for the latest info on the grapevine. We all work hard to stay safe on the roads and no one wants a nasty and costly surprise on turf that we know so well!


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