Best Types Of Delivery Van – Your Answers

Hello, my dears!

Well, then. Here we are at the end of yet another month – the first of 2017, no less. And it would appear we haven’t lost our stride at all! If this month is anything to go by, we should continue going strong with our discussion about the delivery and courier industry for yet another year.

Need proof? Look no further than this week’s post. Those of you who were here to read last week’s entry know that we did a reader interaction – a classic here at Gertie’s Café. But this one had a twist when compared to other recent ones – we actually discussed a serious topic! I know, gasp!

All joking aside, though, I made a conscious decision to return to the roots of this blog and discuss a topic that was both simple and likely to interest my readers – and the least I can say is that my gamble worked. My question about which types of delivery van my readers preferred met with great feedback – and participation was through the roof, even by this blog’s standards. (Modest, aren’t I?) That’s why I’m even sadder than ever that I couldn’t pick more than three or four answers – but alas, this blog still has a limit.

Even so, there’s nothing stopping me from providing three examples of the great answers I got to this question – so of course, I’ve gone and done just that. Enjoy!

‘My favourite type of delivery van? I’d say the ones with a hard, square roof and walls. You know the ones. I like these better than the standard, white, ‘man and van’ type because I always feel like the cargo is better secured in them than in the other type. I know this is probably just in my head, but I always feel like the harder the casing, the safer the items are. Am I the only one, I wonder?’ – Arthur, Shropshire

‘The best type of delivery van is the standard, sleek, late-model type, for one simple reason: it’s much easier to manoeuvre in traffic. Have you ever tried navigating a traffic jam with a square-backed van? Nightmare! With my standard model, it’s much easier to slip in through the gaps and make some headway – even in London!’ – Charles, London

‘For me, there isn’t a best and worst type of delivery van. They all have their merits, and they’re all best suited for a specific type of job or environment. For example, the smaller models are best if you’re making deliveries in an urban setting (safer than bikes, too!) but the square-backed ones are better for longer hauls or loads that need more space or are more fragile. It depends on the situation, more than the van.’ – James, Berkshire

See? What did I tell you? And there were loads more like that, as well.  Sometimes, I wish my blog had infinite room…

As it is, though, I shall be saying goodbye for now. See you in February, darlings – don’t forget your flowers and chocolates!

Until then, ta-ra!



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