Case Study: KKM Couriers & the Road to Success

KKM Couriers

KKM Couriers joined up to Courier Exchange as one of our original members way back when we started nearly twenty years ago, and the company has stuck with us. Their success is the greatest compliment we reckon we could ever have!

Our case study of this Portsmouth-based business proves that the football field isn’t the only place that speed and flexibility pay off…

Potential Paid Off

Co-owner of the business Kevin Matchan is clearly a guy with vision as well as a knack for courier work, because he took a chance back in 2000 to join a virtually (then!) unknown freight exchange platform on the advice of an industry colleague.

Because he was looking to grow the business, he saw the platform as an opportunity to get more courier work and to build on a permanent client base without outlaying for extra vehicles. And that’s where those football tactics come in handy… 

Speed and Flexibility

The reason KKM is still a loyal member after all these years is down to one simple fact: it works for them. From the very start, Kevin says, it allowed them to take on more customers by outsourcing the courier work their regular drivers couldn’t do, which got them an entire new crowd of regular, satisfied customers.

Because all the data is available in real time, they’re even able to take on jobs at very short notice and know they’ll be able to get a trusted (and vetted) driver. By the same token, if any of their vehicles are sitting idle, they can hop on to the Exchange and pick up an available load. Brownie points all round.

Diversity in the Extreme

A side note to all that speed and flexibility is that because they effectively never have to say no to courier work, KKM has carried some pretty weird things – everything from a single can of soft drink to a dead animal heading to an autopsy. Now that’s what I call unusual, but it seems KKM just get to call it a good day at the office…

Become a member and you’ll be able to build your business with speed, agility and flexibility just like KKM Couriers. As part of the UK’s fastest growing freight exchange, you’ll not only be able to build networks with industry professionals, you can grow your business by taking on extra loads or subcontracting work to other drivers in order to expand your reach. 


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