Drivers’ Favourite Moments From Self-Employed Courier Jobs

Hello all!

Well – I asked you all to help me spread a bit of March Merriment, and did you ever step up to the challenge! This is why I love my readers – no matter what I ask in these things, whether it be a serious question or a fluffy bit of silliness, I get the same amazing response!

Last time, if you remember correctly, I had asked you all to share with me some of your favourite things that you got to experience while working self-employed courier jobs. I’m sure many people who are not in the industry but read my blog must wonder why anyone would go into that line of business, and I wanted to show them the good side of doing the job. More importantly, I wanted you to have a good time reading each other’s best stories. And thanks to what an amazing group of readers you are, on this post, you can do just that. Stevie got us started last week with his story about being mistaken for Father Christmas, and in the paragraphs below, you lot continued on his footsteps. Without further delay, here are my favourite stories that I’ve received:

“One of my favourite deliveries ever was the one where I delivered some groceries to a little old lady. One of the items she had was cat litter, and I love cats, so we started chatting about them. At one point, she tells me to come inside, and shows me a litter of kittens that one of her cats just had. And then, guess what? She gave me one! Ginger is dozing next to me as I write this; he’s all grown up now, and a handsome guy. This is why self-employed courier jobs can be awesome!” – Nancy, Derbyshire.

“My favourite delivery-related story was the time when was in charge of taking the food to a party at a primary school. Just seeing all those happy faces as I brought the sweeties and fizzy drinks in was priceless!” – Shane, West Midlands.

“My best experience working self-employed courier jobs was that time I met my future wife when delivering to her house!” – Joe, County Antrim

Nothing else needs to be said after that, really…

Thanks again, everyone!




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