Ford’s latest hybrid vans revealed

Newsflash! Even though there were a few hints earlier in the year, we think Ford’s latest release of hybrid van models is absolutely electrifying news. So much so, that we make no apologies for the pun…

New models, new breed

It was a pretty telling step when Ford announced in early 2019 that every one of their models rolling off the production line from now on will include at least one electrified option – including hybrid versions. For anyone making a living from courier work and considering an upgrade, the news would probably be enough to tip the scales in Ford’s favour; the fact that two of its most popular models used for courier work are among the first of the ‘new breed’ might seal quite a few deals.

Focus and Fiesta given the hybrid treatment

As part of the manufacturer’s widespread electrification plans, the Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models were unveiled in Amsterdam in early April. The vehicles feature a ‘mild hybrid’ version of the standard EcoBoost – which is a three-cylinder, one-litre petrol engine. So how are they different? Glad you asked.

  • Instead of an alternator they feature a belt-driven integrated generator/starter
  • They have a larger turbocharger
  • They are fitted with a 48-volt lithium-ion air-cooled battery

But what does all that mean?

Glad you asked… If you’re into the facts and figures it’s actually pretty impressive when you break down what these hybrid engines can achieve in terms of efficiency and emissions reductions.

Focus EcoBoost

Fuel efficiency 4.71/100km
CO2 emissions – from 106g/km

Fiesta EcoBoost

Fuel efficiency – 4.91/100km
CO2 emissions – from 112g/km

If you’re going to be using your vehicle for courier work, not only do these stats represent a potentially significant saving on fuel/running costs, they’ll deliver you smoothly into EU compliancy without a care in the world – and that kind of assurance is priceless.

Not only, but also…

If you’re in the market for a larger capacity vehicle than those two above, you might want to hold off until a little later in the year when Ford releases new hybrid models of the two-litre TDCi diesel Transit and Torneo. Here are some more stats to get your motor running.

Transit Two-Tonne EcoBlue

Fuel efficiency – 7.61/100km
CO2 emissions – from 144g/km

Transit Custom EcoBlue

Fuel efficiency – 6.71/100km
CO2 emissions – from 139g/km

Torneo Custom EcoBlue

Fuel efficiency – 7.01/100km
CO2 emissions – from 137g/km

Ford: delivering for the delivery drivers

Ford has always stressed their commitment to producing more environmentally sustainable vehicles for their customers. They’ve certainly proved they’re capable of delivering on that, by developing green engines for their most popular models. So, if you’re planning on upgrading your van anytime soon, are they worth a look? We definitely think so. Glad you asked…

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