Retreading: good for your wallet and the environment

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There’s not a courier driver on the planet that hasn’t been involved in some kind of chat about the environment and the need for all of us in the industry to “go green”. It’s probably only fair that we’re targeted more than anyone else because let’s face it, our industry does contribute to the emissions problem more than most.

But guess what? While sometimes it all seems a bit hard to do the right thing, there’s actually a way that you can be kind to the environment and save yourself some cash! Which is not something that happens too often…

Reduce, reuse, recycle… retread!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me turn it to your tyres – usually a word that strikes dread into the hearts and wallets of every courier driver. Because we all know how many we go through and how expensive they are to replace. But whether you’re a lone wolf owner-driver or a manager in charge of a large fleet, retreading instead of replacing is a really effective way of doing your bit for the environment. Oh, and saving yourself some dosh along the way.

Stats don’t lie

Just like Shakira’s hips, the stats don’t lie. Here they come:

  • Retreading a tyre takes 80% less of the materials of a new one
  • This means a saving of 68 litres of oil and 44kg of rubber compound per tyre
  • Each retread means a reduction of 183kg of CO2 into the atmosphere (in comparison to the scrapping of a worn tyre)
  • It costs around 70% less than buying new ones
  • Enough said

Cost vs. quality

Of course, not all tyres are ideal to retread and you’ll find that the low-cost ones fall into that category. It’s a whole different argument (now there’s an idea for the next blog post), but did you know that if you use cheap ‘single life’ tyres on your van you’ll use up to four times the number than if you invest in ‘premium’ branded ones and have them retreaded? Well now you know.   

So if you do the sums, a courier driver (or fleet manager) who invests in premium tyres that are designed to be retreaded will not only save money, they will save the environment so much more.

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