Vehicle Tracking Boosts Profits for Haulage and Courier Network Member Businesses

Transport operators taking advantage of vehicle tracking integration with our web-based haulage and courier network say that the technology has been proven to deliver significant benefits.

Partnerships with the leading telematics companies and Transport Exchange Group enables tracking data to flow into the UK’s largest independent freight exchange platform, with users reporting increases in efficiency and profitability.

“The industry has rapidly taken advantage of live vehicle tracking data integration,” said Andy Ling, owner of Redhead Couriers, one of 6,000-plus users hoping to eliminate empty running and wasted capacity utilising the services of the haulage and courier network. “Our revenue increased almost overnight as a result of picking up more work and the integration is very attractive to anyone interested in increasing their profit margin.”

With more than 186,400 loads posted on the platforms each month, the potential for transport operators to streamline their supply chain processes is huge, particularly for the small to medium size same-day and overnight courier fleets, arguably the backbone of the UK business freight industry.

“The Navman partnership with the Exchange allows us to pick up and see loads that are available around our vehicles quickly,” said Mike Morton, owner of Direct Courier Solutions. “The courier network platform is very easy to use and the notifications coming through are all in real time, which makes everything very quick.”

One of the partners, Navman Wireless says transport operators registered on the Transport Exchange platform can easily utilise their vehicle tracking system to promote available capacity and match precise vehicle locations.

“There was a gap in the market for an exchange site that benefits both our customers and the industry. We identified that integrating our tracking solutions into the platform could optimise fleet performance and boost profitability, and that is exactly what we have seen,” said Scott Hutchins, VP Sales UK & Ireland, Navman Wireless.

Lyall Cresswell, Managing Director of Transport Exchange Group, said: “This integration makes it extremely easy to post the whereabouts and status of any empty capacity into the market. It also improves the levels of operational visibility between contracting parties during the course of a delivery – once a sub-contractor allocates a new load to one of their tracked vehicles, both parties receive regular email updates all the way from collection to delivery point. That can only improve the overall experience and enhance the levels of trust between all of our member businesses. We really see this type of integration as a crucial feature within our haulage and courier network for the benefit of our members.”


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