Having been cooped up in an office five days a week selling websites, Leroy Jennings decided to work for himself and forge an alternative, more active, career out of his love of driving.

He launched his one man and a transit van operation in Derby in late 2010, during the recession, and steadily built up a respectable business in same day / next day parcel deliveries.

His business, Roadrunners4u, became a limited company in Spring 2013, and enquiries are increasing to the extent that he is now thinking about taking on another driver.


Willing to deliver all over the UK, although most of his work is in the local area, Leroy joined Courier Exchange from the outset in order to pick up extra work and in particular to find return loads for any long journeys he was undertaking.

He found Courier Exchange invaluable for sourcing new work – but has noticed a surge in new customers and jobs since using the new Courier Exchange Mobile App from May 2013 onwards.

The App allows Exchange members to see on an interactive map exactly where other members are in real time – making it far easier than before to identify who is nearby when an urgent job comes up, and to forward a request for help to them..


Leroy explained: “Since the Mobile App has come in, people are aware of where I actually am, so they can give me a call to ask if I’m going to be available to do this job or that job. I am being contacted by people who have never used me before. They ring up because they can see I am in the area where they have a job to be done. It’s far better than before. The App shows where you actually are and people are able to see if they’ve got a run that you might be able to pick up. I am getting far more calls than I was before I was using the App.”

“It’s a proper working tool – like a cog in the mechanism of a watch, with this added cog, it makes you more worthwhile in the long run. On a long run for instance it is far easier to pick up extra work. I am getting more work with the App than I did before” he added.SONY DSC

Occasionally Leroy will use the Exchange in the opposite way – to sub-contract out jobs when he is too busy to do them for regular customers. While this happens very seldom, it is reassuring to have the reliability of members of the Exchange to fall back on.

“I like the way Courier Exchange works – it’s not just to get work, if one of my customers asks if I could do a job and I was already booked, I would ring around and get a quote via Courier Exchange, so that I did not let them down.”

And Leroy believes life is only going to get busier.

“My strong belief is that 2014 will be a much better year for business than the previous years and being a member of Courier Exchange will provide me with the necessary resource to enable me to meet this increased demand,” he said.