Slough Couriers

Partnership with Courier Exchange allows Slough Couriers to offer more flexible service

Although still only in embryonic stages the 18 month relationship with Courier Exchange has helped Berkshire-based Slough Couriers go from strength to strength.

Customers have enjoyed a vast range of benefits as the partnership with the large trading Exchange for the sameday courier industry has helped take the company’s service offering to a whole new dimension.

SloughTeamSlough Couriers was established in December 2009 by Richard Evans and Jeremy Stock.

The pair met while Richard was working for another courier firm. Jeremy, who at the time was at the helm of a printing company in Slough, was among Richard’s clients.

With extensive experience in the courier industry Richard was keen to start his own business. The pair spotted a gap in the market and following a series of talks decided to go into business together.

Richard - Slough Couriers

I tell my customers that we use Courier Exchange and that is one of the main reasons why they use us.
Since then Slough Couriers has enjoyed a successful three years which have seen continuous growth. Today it employs 10 drivers, operates 10 vans and also has a team of owner-drivers and a sales representative on the books.

The company joined Courier Exchange in the summer of 2011. In the first 18 months of the partnership Richard passed 3,300 jobs on to Courier Exchange, which is part of the Transport Exchange Group.

Richard said the major advantage of the partnership is it has allowed Slough Couriers to offer a more flexible service to each and every customer.

He said: “The benefits for us are that if a customer wants, say, three pallets from Aberdeen down to Colnbrook, we can do it.

“We have used artics, 7 tonners and vans through Courier Exchange. That’s the beauty of the system.

“I tell my customers we use Courier Exchange and that is one of the reasons why they use us.”

Richard said with his and Jeremy’s contacts from the days before the pair joined forces, the business hit the ground running.

He said: “Anything that can be moved, we move it. We have a contract to deliver spare parts for cinema projectors nationwide and we delivered all the advertising boards for the Olympics and Paralympic Games. That was 180,000 advertising boards. We also delivered advertising boards for the launch of Windows 8 as well.”

He said his and Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to keep expanding the business. He is hoping the partnership between Slough Couriers and Courier Exchange will help him achieve this aim.