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Boost your productivity with 3.0’s top features

A powerful app designed to keep your fleet loaded and on the move, no matter where you are.

With top features of the Exchange now in your pocket, you can think bigger, achieve more and boost your productivity.    


Who is CX Fleet 3.0 for?

If your company is managing multiple vehicles and drivers, then CX Fleet is ideal for you. You can search for loads, quote, allocate and track all progress with real-time updates in one place. No need for phone calls and email threads to find load opportunities for your fleet.

What’s new in 3.0?

With regular member feedback taken into consideration by our team, we’ve introduced core features for fleet managers to take the office on the road with them and still have control over operations.  

Here’s what’s new:  

  • Quote on loads within search results.
  • Easily manage quotes sent and received in one place.
  • Book direct with a preferred Exchange subcontractor.

Do I need to pay extra for CX Fleet 3.0?

If you're on a Pro or Premium plan, you can update to 3.0 at no additional cost. Simply visit the Google Play store or App store and install the latest version.  

If you're on Essentials but would like CX Fleet 3.0, it's available as a paid-for addition to your existing plan.

Do I need new login credentials?

No. You’ll still use the same email address and password that you would normally use to access the Exchange platform.

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