Supporting Owner Drivers

£0 accreditation fee during April in response to inflation and fuel prices

Supporting Owner Drivers

With Finance Manager, you can spend 80% less time managing courier payments

Effortlessly pay and get paid when moving freight

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Moving freight comes with admin. 

Recording PODs. Sending and chasing invoices. 

If you get it wrong, you risk getting paid late.

Finance Manager sorts things for you.

Finance Manger logs your PODs, sends invoices, and keeps track of your payments. 

With Finance Manager, you move the freight. FM does the rest.

Finance Manager makes it easy to get paid when moving freight

Get paid

See the invoices you need to send. Then send them in one click. See and chase overdue invoices instantly. See how much money you’ve made and when you’ll get paid.

Jobs, PODs and invoices, all in one screen

See a job’s details, POD and invoice in one screen. With Finance Manager, you and your customers see the same thing.

Manage payments on the go

With the Finance Manager app, you can access your paperwork from your mobile. Complete your admin in seconds, even when on the road.

Super quick and easy to use. Seamless integration with Xero.

Jon Regler, Astral Couriers

It’s massively faster. I take only 7-10 seconds per invoice.

Stephen Stockton, DTE Limited

Logistics without Finance Manager

Logistics with Finance Manager

PODs and invoices are physical

PODs and invoices are digital

Raising invoices takes time

You raise invoices with one click

Keeping track of paperwork is tiring

You have a digital record of jobs and payments

Jobs, PODs and invoices aren’t connected

Jobs, PODs and invoices are all in one screen

You and your suppliers use separate systems

You and your suppliers see the same thing

Suppliers query invoices via email

Suppliers query invoices via Finance Manager chat

You waste hours on admin

You breeze through your admin seconds… before you even get home

I heavily rely on it.

We manage the status of the invoice online from pending to scheduled payment. The system is really helpful to us and if I’m honest, I don’t think we could cope without it Terry Chester, Walkers. Exchange member since 2014

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