Intelligent Logistics for Your Fleet Operations


Fleet Operations

Additional App

Allocate Work Easily and Maximise Your Fleet Potential with our Mobile App

Get extra apps for all your drivers and give them access to easy invoicing, document scanning for PODs and GPS tracking.

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Work Effortlessly with Other Systems

Time is money in the transport and logistics business. Stop re-keying data and boost your productivity by having our system talk to your TMS and vehicle Telematics.

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Streamline Your Accounts Payable

Managing large amounts of invoices and PODs can be a massive headache. With our paperless system, required details are automatically populated for each load, helping you process invoices and PODs faster and more accurately.

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Cascading Loads

Engage preferred subcontractors fast, with the backup of the UK’s busiest freight exchange. Organise subcontractors into groups with available loads matched in the order of your choice.

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Prefered Contractors

Track Loads

Drive Customer Service with Complete Visibility

Be one step ahead with a single view of ETA and progress for your own fleet and multiple subcontractors. Work proactively with customers on late-running loads and avoid SLA penalties.

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Expand into Europe

Interested in big opportunities? Now you can access loads posted across Europe, enlarging your network and taking your business further.

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Quote Manager

Conquer Customer Quote Requests

Manage quote requests quickly and easily without the email overload. You can now allocate, process and track quotes in one place, keeping your business moving. Identify commercial opportunities and areas for improvement with customer conversion rates.

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Real-time Updating

Loads will never go “off the radar”. Keep your customers in the loop with automatic updates including location tracking according to your requirements.

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