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Courier Exchange is the UK's biggest freight marketplace. It helps self-employed couriers find loads and manage operations – so you can beocme your own boss, make your own money and grow your own business.

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Should we add a subtitle here? What CX can do for you?

Find out how much you could earn

Become your own boss

To become a self-employed courier, you need a van and insurance. You also need loads. We can help.

We can put you in touch with van providers and price-matching insurance brokers. And, of course, we can help get you loads – CX gets you access to more than 13,000 loads a day. No other UK platform has so many loads available.

Find outbound loads

There are more than 13,000 courier loads posted to CX every day. No other UK platform has so many loads available.

With CX, self-employed couriers can search live maps to find loads in the nearby area. Which means, as a self-employed courier, you always have access to a steady stream of loads to deliver… so you can make your own money and grow your own business.

Find return loads

With the CX app, you have access to loads all over the country. That means, once you’ve delivered a load, you don’t need to drive back empty.

Instead, open the CX app and find a load that needs to be delivered on your way home.

That way, you make money on the way out… and on the way back.

Win more work

The courier industry is competitive. Getting your pricing right is crucial – especially if you’re new to the game.

CX can show you average prices per mile for vehicles like yours going to and from certain locations, and the data is updated weekly.

That means, with CX, you can quote strategically to win more work… even if you’re new to sending quotes.

Let the loads find you

With CX, you can find your own loads. But you don’t even need to do that.

There are more than 13,000 loads posted to CX every day. And x% of those go unsold… which means CX shippers are always looking for decent drivers.

With CX, you can let shippers know when you’re empty. Simply set your status to ‘available’ in the CX app. Then sit back and wait for shippers to contact you.

Escape multi-drop

Many couriers dislike dropping multiple parcels at multiple locations in built up areas day in, day out.

The overwhelming majority of CX loads are A-to-B. One pick up point. One drop off point.

And a decent drive in between.

Advertise loads

As an owner driver, your capacity is limited. So when you’re offered two jobs at once, you usually have to turn work down.

With CX, though, you can book subcontractors. So you can accept both jobs. Then team up with other CX members to make sure both loads are delivered.

That means, with CX, you don’t just get loads. You get a platform to help you grow your courier business.

Work with some of the UK’s biggest shippers

Shippers hand you valuable goods. Which means they need to trust you. If you’re new, that can cause you problems.

When you join CX, though, you also get Trustd. Trustd is cutting-edge tech that demonstrates your compliance continuously.

That means shippers know they can trust you. Which means you can work with some of the UK’s biggest shippers – no matter how fresh you might be.

Trustd levels the playing field, and allows self-employed courieres to make contacts you otherwise never would.

Manage finances

It can be hard for owner drivers to keep track of payments. You do a job. Then invoice. Then you need to make sure you get paid.

With CX, you send shippers digital invoices through the CX platform. That means CX automatically shows you

  • which of your invoices have been approved
  • which of your invoices have been paid
  • and which of your invoices are outstanding

So there’s no more chasing your tail. With CX, you can check you’ve been paid in seconds – and do something about it when you haven’t.

Expand your network

CX is the UK’s biggest courier network. With CX, even if you’re a solo operator, you’re part of a community of more than 8,000 other couriers.

What’s more, you get access to the CX directory. That means you can contact other shippers and couriers in your area. To partner up. For everyone’s gain.

With CX, life as a courier isn’t such a struggle – shippers in your area want to work with you.

Access requirements

Courier Exchange is a membership-only platform that only accepts serious and professional courier businesses as members.

To join CX you must have your own van (although you can lease one if you don’t own one).

You need to be working in the transport industry. And you’ll need to submit the following for consideration:

Should you meet our requirements, you’ll be invited to join the platform.

What do you need?

To join Courier Exchange, we will ask you for the following:

Drivers license
Hire & reward insurance
Goods in transit insurance
Proof of address 
Certificate of incorporation (if applicable)

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