DBC Windsor

Since Darren left his management role in the Post Office to launch DBC, he has built up a strong network of contacts and level of business to keep his van busy every day.

DBC Windsor

Courier Exchange has been at the heart of his success. However, Darren has no ambition to build up a bigger courier business: “I do not report to anybody, and I can choose when and what to do.”

But it is Courier Exchange’s Driver App, designed specifically for the owner-driver, that Darren sees as a ‘must use’ business tool. It frees him from an office base, sending notifications directly to his mobile phone in real-time. He can pick up backloads and manage the whole of his business’ back office administration while away from base.

Darren uses CX for most of his business, with outward journeys (hotshots) helping him get on the road, and the backload facility (return journeys) earning him a living. The Driver App helps Darren maximise his earning potential and optimise his working day.

A membership with Courier Exchange is a must for owner drivers.

“It is better than most freight exchanges I’ve used in the past, and I’ve tried many! It has some excellent features and provides good interaction between members.” Darren is also impressed by the support the CX team provides – particularly by those who understand how a courier business really works.

“Owner drivers are an essential part of the Exchange and we are delighted that Darren has used the benefits of CX, which launched almost 20 years ago,” commented Lyall Cresswell, managing director of Transport Exchange Group. “We are seeing a rapid growth in membership as the benefits of being in a Freight Exchange become more apparent in the UK, as pressure on rates increases the need to have higher utilisation of vehicles and escalating environmental issues are making operators of all sizes reassess their businesses.”

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DBC Windsor

DBC Windsor

Since Darren left his management role in the Post Office Ltd to launch DBC, he’s built up a network of contacts and a busy business. CX is at the heart of his success. Darren is happy with the results: "I don’t report to anybody and I can choose what to do."

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