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Supporting Owner Drivers

Light Freight Courier Services

Having worked in the oil and gas sector for over four decades, Paul Wilkinson is also deeply passionate about freight, a sector he entered five years ago.

Light Freight Courier Services

I love Courier Exchange because it gives me the freedom to be my own boss, the flexibility to choose my hours, and a sense of fulfilment in everything I do too. In my opinion, these three ingredients are the secret to job satisfaction and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

I know this better than most because I’ve spent the last 46 years mentoring, coaching and training oil and gas professionals, and whenever I ask people what they look for in a role these three characteristics are always first on their list.

They say that ‘variety is the spice of life’, and this is also something else that Courier Exchange offers in abundance. What I really value about the Exchange is that thanks to its smart load matching technology accessed through the CX Driver App, no day is ever the same.

When I switch on the app every morning, my position is flagged on a Live Availability Map, meaning that any one of the 6,000+ trade-only businesses on the Exchange could invite me to quote on a job.

In the last few weeks, for example, I’ve delivered goods to Londonderry, Wick and Bute, but for anyone thinking of joining CX, it’s a journey I made to Norfolk a month or so ago that really brings home why you should join the platform.

My story begins with a gentle ping one evening. For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s the sound the app makes to notify you of a load match. I picked up my phone. It was about 7.30pm, and the text message was from a logistics company representing a locally-based subsea engineering company.

They’d seen that I had 100% positive feedback from my clients and I had a background in oil and gas. They told me that a piece of equipment integral to an offshore subsea installation had broken. The urgent repair could only be carried out at a specialist company in Southam in Warwickshire – a journey of 460 miles. They asked me if I would put in a quote.

I jumped at the chance to do so. I love helping people. It’s in my DNA. But, with a background in oil & gas, I also realised the urgency of the situation. I could appreciate that the CEO was probably tearing his hair out, because every hour that the subsea installation was offline, his company was probably losing tens of thousands of dollars.

I quoted for the job, won it and delivered the 18-kilogram computerised intelligence component on time. But the story doesn’t end there.

At CX, not only do you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with contractors with links to world class companies, but most importantly, you are never made to feel like a tiny cog in a big machine.

As the contractor was tracking my position on the CX Live Availability Map (LAM), it knew two days later that I was 150 miles away from Southam delivering goods to Norwich. However, as I always update my status tab, it also knew that I had an empty van and was searching for another load to take home. A quick call and half an hour later, I was driving down the A45 to Southam.

When I arrived in Aberdeen later that evening, the Goods-Inwards manager had a big smile on his face. He thanked me personally, and then called the logistics company, who had subcontracted me the work, to commend my work.

This for me, is the difference between working for a large parcel delivery company and being a member of CX. At Courier Exchange, not only do you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with contractors with links to world class companies, but most importantly, you are never made to feel like a tiny cog in a big machine.

Instead, CX puts you on a level footing with the businesses you deliver to. Excellence always recognised and rewarded with repeat work. Knowing that I am making a difference though is the most satisfying aspect of my work.

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