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A post-op visit from a surgeon is something that no patient relishes, but it was one that would give Mark Carr, a Yorkshire-based Courier Exchange member, a new lease of life.

Mark Carr

Lying in a hospital bed after a second major operation to correct a severe limp in his left leg, Mr Carr, recalls “As soon as my doctor sat down on the chair beside my bed, I could tell by his mannerisms and sober expression that the news wasn’t going to be good. He told me that while he had successfully tightened the pins and screws that were holding the plates together in my leg, the operation could have life altering consequences for my mobility.”

Soon after being discharged from hospital, Mark, who had spent 28 years working as a shop floor manager in a steel plant, decided to tender his resignation.

A keen coarse fisherman, Mark spent time many hours battling the monster bream and roach in nearby Haxby lakes and thinking about his own future. However, it was a chance meeting with an old friend in his local pub that Mark says provided him with the direction that he so badly needed.

Mark explains, “I have known my mate Steve for over twenty years. I confided to him over a pint that I was not getting enough work to make a decent living. It was then that he told me about Courier Exchange. He explained how it worked, and told me how much he was earning each month, which was treble my take-home salary. It all seemed too good to be true. But my pal had no reason to exaggerate. And so the next day I gave CX a call. I liked what I heard and signed up. CX has not let me down and I haven’t looked back since.”

Since joining the Exchange in March, Mr Carr says the benefits have been threefold. He says he has been astonished by “the number of available jobs”, which he says have “dramatically increased his revenue”.

Says Mark, “On average, CX consistently provides me with three jobs a day from Monday to Friday and once my overheads are paid, I am left with between 50 – 60% profit. If I were contracted to a single parcel carrier, I doubt this would be possible.

Everyone on the CX platform is heavily vetted before they can sign up, and with individual performance being assessed after each job, it provides extra security for freelancers like me.

So how does CX help him to keep winning work? Mark says, “I am no technical whizz, but when I joined CX, the Academy team introduced me to the Driver App. They taught me how to use it effectively and proficiently. I find that the status updates, and the enhanced tracking options, which enable my customers to track my real-time position are the most useful features.

He says, “I used to spend quite a few hours each month sending invoices and PODs to clients. I still do, but I also send them digitally too. I find that if I send paperwork to a client electronically as soon as I finish a job and then follow-up with documentation in the post, payment is always made on time.”

And with around 90% of Mark’s work coming from the Exchange nowadays, he particularly likes “the financial security that the Exchange guarantees its members”, which he says is only made possible “by CX insisting members constantly attain high operating standards”.

Explains Mark, “Everyone on the CX platform is heavily vetted before they can sign up, and with individual performance being assessed after each job, it provides extra security for freelancers like me.”

Most of all, though it has given Mark the confidence to lay the building blocks for a profitable business: something that he would never have imagined possible when he awoke from his operation some 18 months ago.

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