Smart Transport Solutions

Smart Transport Solution

Successfully planning their courier loads Mick Stringer MD and Paul Spooner Transport Manager set up Smart Transport solutions as a driver agency five years ago. Mick has been in transport all his working life since leaving the Army in 1990. Recognising there was a shortage of drivers, they managed to start and grow their business on the back of the influx of qualified HGV drivers from Eastern Europe. But as this market has changed they have developed a haulage business now with 4 artics and two vans.

Mick and Paul have three vehicles on container work up the road from their depot near Rugby with one curtainsider on general haulage work. And like many small haulage businesses Mick and Paul keep their hand in driving by filling in shifts to keep the vehicles running 24/7 five days a week. Now the agency driver work is picking up again Mick says he is not sure how long the driving will go on for.

The other key player in Smart Transport Solutions’ operation is Steve in a van based in Shaftesbury over 150 miles from Rugby.” He is an old mate from our army days and was made redundant, says Mick. It was the only reason why we took on a van.” Having signed up to Haulage Exchange to keep the artics busy, Mick is using Courier Exchange for all the van work. It is easy to use to see the loads available in the office and plan accordingly.

Steve is completely mobile says Mick and with CX Mobile is able to plan his daily operations while on the move. We are amazed at the quality of the information we get out of the Courier Exchange. With POD and confirmations of loads online while Steve is on the move, we can plan and develop his workload in advance. CX gives us complete visibility of the operation. The reports tell it all: “In the last 7 days Steve completed 23 jobs from Courier Exchange and the van made a profit of a £1,090. Courier Exchange gives us an excellent view of what is going on. For a small business, this is crucial as the phone and fax don’t seem to stop and the administration has to take a back seat to get the job done.

So confident they are with Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange’s ability to support their business that Mick is planning to put another two artics and a van on the road in the next few months.

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