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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get European cover abroad for my courier van insurance?

Yes, you can. Business Choice Direct’s courier insurance policies provides cover for couriering in European Union member countries. For more information, contact Business Choice Direct.

Can we have more than one driver on the policy?

Yes, you can. Business Choice Direct don’t place any restrictions on the number of drivers named on insurance policies. However, we do place restrictions on who can drive on that policy, regarding claims histories, the age of the courier driver and criminal convictions, for example.

Business Choice Direct are here to help. We know that finding the best courier insurance quote can take time. For cheap courier insurance and cover for your motor insurance needs, contact Business Choice Direct today.

How do I decide on the best cover for me?

The level of courier insurance cover that you need will depend on what kind of vehicle you will be couriering in and if you have a courier fleet of vehicles. If you are couriering in a car, then the standard courier insurance will be ideal. If you are couriering in a van, truck or lorry, then haulier insurance would be suitable. If you have a fleet of vehicles for couriering, you should opt for courier fleet insurance, which will help you to save money.

Isn’t courier insurance just like haulage insurance?

Both types of insurance are used for couriering, in the sense that goods are being transported. But there is a distinct difference. Haulage contractors often have pre-determined contracts and will know what exactly they are carrying. Courier drivers on the other hand don’t have pre-determined contracts and they transport one-off items, often at short notice without knowing what they are transporting. It’s an important difference to keep in mind and to have the correct courier service insurance. 

What is courier insurance and how is it different to private car insurance?

Private car insurance is not related to couriering and goods carrying vehicles and covers the motor insurance needs of those that use private cars.

What is courier insurance?

Courier insurance is designed explicitly for the risks that come with couriering. Due to these distinct risks that courier drivers are uniquely susceptible to, they need courier insurance, rather than just being covered by the standard car insurance. This kind of policy covers courier drivers in the event of theft, damage and loss, as they are transporting and delivering items for clients, and driving to multiple locations.

Do I need courier insurance?

In a nutshell, yes. Standard car insurance isn’t enough to cover you as a courier driver and it’s your responsibility to have the appropriate insurance, whether it is courier insurance or commercial motor insurance, if you are driving a van.

What kinds of courier insurance are there?

Standard Courier Insurance: This is the same as ‘Goods In Transit’ insurance and is the standard cover you need when transporting goods from one place to another.

Haulier Insurance: This is a type of commercial van insurance, but specially for truck, LGV and HGV drivers couriering in vans, trucks or lorries. 

Courier Fleet Insurance: This kind of courier insurance is suitable if you have multiple vehicles used for couriering – usually three or above. Courier fleet insurance helps you to save money per vehicle and fleet cover also saves you time with administration.