Supporting Owner Drivers

£0 accreditation fee during April in response to inflation and fuel prices

Supporting Owner Drivers

Fleet Delivery Tracking Solutions & App

Connect with your business at any time using the CX Fleet app.

Small fleet app

Management, Power, Efficiency

Keep track of your drivers, vehicles and loads at any time with the CX Fleet app. Wherever you are, you can make sure your business is running smoothly.

Run your business and manage your drivers from anywhere.
Easily allocate any load received to yourself or your drivers.
Get real-time load alerts on-the-go for all your drivers.
View load matches on the map and see which vehicles you have in range.
Simply and securely manage your fleet.

Plans & pricing

Join over 8,000 member businesses across the UK and Europe.
Find the plan that works for you.

Success stories

Astral Couriers

John Regler secured his first big contract with an aircraft parts manufacturer, and has since joined Courier Exchange to both grow his business and increase his contact network.

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Redhead Couriers

As the first member of CX to volunteer to trial the advanced vehicle tracking with the exchange, this company has been able to promote its available capacity and take advantage of more load opportunities.

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Dortudor Dot Com

Mike joined CX as soon as he set up his business, Dortudor Dot Com. Since then, the company has become a huge success thanks to his excellent customer service skills and the steady delivery work coming from our platform.

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