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Courier Exchange is the UK’s biggest courier platform. With CX, you get access to 13,000+ daily loads, an army of vetted subcontractors, and market-defining software that makes it easy to manage your fleet.

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By posting a load on the system, we can always get a vehicle from a reputable company to pick up the part within 40 minutes to an hour.

David McBride

U Trak Logistics

If you want to reduce your dead mileage and increase your profitability there really is nowhere that compares to CX. Not only that but you can offer your customers access to a Network of over 7000 Couriers up and down the Country meaning there really is no reason to say no.


Courier Exchange is the market leading platform for all couriers and hauliers. A must for any business trying to resolve the headache of “driving empty”. Great communication at their office when needed. With features and applications that get better year on year

Steve Beckett

Speedy Fleet Couriers

Been on the exchange from near enogh the begining of its life. Completed over 20,000 jobs and its been a great help to our company. There are little tweaks being done all the time that are a pain at the begining but you end up knowing why they where done. Excellent comms too these days with a call back after submitting a ticket within 30 mins. Thats a massive improvement on past years. Overall, really excellent website.

Anthony Jackson

I could not have got started without the exchange I had a handful of customers when I started and the exchange kept me busy.

Steve Edwards

S Edwards Limited

Courier exchange is an amazing platform, perfect for build and grow your business, and help provided step by step.

Nicoleta Capusneac

Live loads

Check out all the loads posted today on CX.

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As an Exchange member, you can also filter by:

  • Vehicle size
  • Body type
  • Date
  • Freight type
  • My subcontractors

Thousands of loads to choose from

Our platform

CX reduces dead miles by an average of 60%

With CX, here’s what you can do to keep your vehicles full…

Find outbound loads

There are more than 13,000 loads posted to CX every day. That’s a new load every 7 seconds.

As a CX member, you can browse CX’s live loads map, quote for loads near your vehicles, and allocate loads to your drivers.

With CX, you can fill your vehicles… no matter where in the UK they might be.

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Find return loads & reduce dead miles

With CX, you don’t just have access to outbound loads. You have access to return loads, too.

Once your driver has delivered a load, you can search for loads in their new location. That are going back to your home location.

You can even find return loads before your drivers set off – which explains why, on average, CX reduces dead miles by 60%.

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Empower your drivers to find their own loads

With CX, your drivers can find their own loads on the road.

That’s thanks to our mobile app, which comes with geo-location technology.

Drivers can use the app to find loads near their current locations – which means you don’t need to find loads for them.

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Let the loads come to you

With CX, you can find your drivers loads. But you don’t even need to do that.

Instead, whenever you have available vehicles, you can mark them as ‘available’ in CX. This lets shippers know your vehicles are on hand to help.

Shippers can then book your vehicles directly – without posting their loads to CX at all.

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Track prices per mile

Using anonymised data, CX can show you average prices per mile for specific journeys from the previous week.

So, no matter how volatile prices might be, with CX, you have inside information.

Which you can use to make smarter decisions when negotiating rates.

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The average number of daily loads posted to CX

2.27 million

The number of loads delivered by CX members in 2023


The average member-to-member positive feedback rating on CX

Find subcontractors

For the most part, you’ll probably use CX to find loads. But, occasionally, you’ll need drivers, too.

You can use CX to find vetted, reliable subcontractors almost anywhere in the country.

Just post a load to CX. You’ll get a quote from a reliable driver within, on average, 4 minutes.

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Manage your fleet

CX lets you see all your vehicles on a map in real time. It also lets you see what your vehicles are carrying, where they’re going, and when they’ll arrive.

With CX, you no longer have to keep track of vehicles in your own head. The platform shows you everything – at any point.

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Check partner credentials

When you join CX, your business gets access to Trustd. Trustd is cutting-edge tech that checks compliance continuously.

Thanks to Trustd, you can always trust the shippers and subcontractors you work with.

What’s more, you can use Trustd to prove your compliance. Which means you can work with some of the UK’s biggest shippers without jumping through additional hoops.

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Send and track invoices – instantly

With CX, managing paperwork is automatic.

CX lets either you or your drivers raise instant PODs and invoices once a load is delivered. The PODs and invoices are sent to shippers through CX. So you always know they’ve been issued.

Plus, when shippers settle invoices, your invoices are automatically marked as ‘paid’.

That means you can see – in seconds – which invoices are paid and which you need to chase.

Likewise, if you’re using Exchange subcontractors, CX shows you who you need to pay and when.

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Expand your network

When you join CX, you join a community of more than 8,000 professional courier businesses. Who all work together to move more freight.

You can use the CX directory to contact other community members. And, of course, other members will use the CX directory to contact you.

That means you get more business opportunities and more partnerships. There’s a reason every UK courier knows of CX.

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Integrate your software

You may already use specific transport software. Great.

CX integrates with almost all major TMS and logistics software providers, including Masternaut, Kinesis, and Verizon Connect.

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Access requirements

What you need to join

Courier Exchange is a membership-only platform that only accepts professional courier businesses as members.

To join CX, every business needs to submit certain information for consideration. This includes:

  • Business information
  • Business owner/director information
  • Vehicle information
  • Service information
  • Insurance information

It’s only once a business passes certain checks that it can join CX. Which is how we keep our platform balanced.

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