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Why Choose Courier Exchange?

We are the UK’s number one online platform for professionals in the delivery industry. We assist firms, owner van drivers and freight forwarders with finding available loads, sub-contracting courier jobs and finding empty vehicles in the UK and across Europe.

Help When You Need It

With the help of our network you can sub-contract courier loads with the minimum of effort if you have more work than you can handle. And there’s no need to worry – our trusted supply of operators have been fully vetted. In addition, our easy-to-use platform means that you can develop your business into a more profitable organisation.

Benefits for Your Business

Take advantage of over 170,000 courier loads listed every month to build your business. We host a growing network of owner drivers, self-employed couriers freight forwarders and delivery firms, so you can rest assured that your time and money is well spent.

Building Long-Term Relationships

We will connect you with delivery firms, owner-drivers and freight forwarders, allowing you to make a dependable network of contacts and expand your operations in terms of size, geography and profits.

Key Benefits

With the reliable sub-contractors and additional courier loads that you can find on our platform, you can retain more customers and increase your business. We have many unique features that set us apart from other freight exchanges:

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Success stories

Thame Freight

Iain and Alison Biddle have sat on both sides of the fence, initially using the Exchange to sub-contract business when they didn’t have a van and then taking advantage of the platform to fill their own fleet when necessary. Take a look at some of their excellent advice here.

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Red Rocket Couriers

How Red Rocket Couriers went from a man-with-a-van business to a UK-wide success.

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Stewart Blunden

Owner driver Stewart has over twenty years of experience in the industry and has delivered to every London postcode. Find out how CX has given him the freedom and flexibility to achieve the work-life balance he’s always wanted. 

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