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Driver app

Power in the palm of your hand

Our unique smartphone application offers the ability to stay connected to the Exchange on the move. Register your real-time availability status and ‘return journeys’ whilst on the move. Receive and respond to notifications direct to your mobile about potential jobs wherever you are in UK and Europe.

Add / edit your availability status and destination to get more loads.
Give great customer service with real-time status updates.
Easily manage your work, wherever you are.
‘One touch’ is all it takes to boost your courier business.
Stay ahead of the competition and win more work.

Plans & pricing

Join over 6,200 member businesses across the UK and Europe.
Find the plan that works for you.

Success stories

Eddie Dunnigan

Eddie Dunnigan

With a disabled wife and two grandsons at home, Eddie Dunnigan needed to be his own boss. Luckily, he joined the CX network and was able to choose hours that suited his lifestyle.

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Diamond Logistics

Diamond Logistics

Uni isn’t for everyone – some people have different interests or graduate and decide they want to go into something that doesn’t require a degree. Mark is one such success story… and after joining CX, his business really took off.

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Vyom Services Ltd

Often called the “architects of transport”, these innovative businesses don’t own a single vehicle, but prosper due to their vast network of industry contacts. They’re some of the most knowledgeable people in freight and help connect UK fleets to…

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