Supporting Owner Drivers

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Supporting Owner Drivers

Courier Driver Jobs Across the UK & Europe

Our real time Freight Exchange connects courier companies and drivers throughout the UK & Europe. Trade only.


Self-employed owner driver jobs at the touch of a button

We are a premier trade-only freight exchange for courier jobs in the UK and Europe, committed to establishing real-time connections between drivers and dispatcher companies.

We can help you:

As the UK’s leading freight exchange platform for self-employed owner driver jobs, we cater to the requirements of professional forwarding agents and drivers. When you join our extensive network and connect with other experts in the transport industry, your revenue will grow faster than ever before.

View jobs in real time

One of the many perks of our network is having the opportunity to discover self-employed owner driver jobs in real time. As soon as you become a member of our community, you’ll be able to seek out work, locate sub-contractors and find back loads. If you’re struggling with legislative issues or need advice on how to attain your professional ambitions, you can ask our online society for advice.

Interact with a network of approved members

Before accepting new members to our professional platform, we carefully check and approve their credentials. As a result, you can be sure that you’re only networking with the industry’s most talented and trustworthy experts and searching for the very best self-employed owner driver jobs in the industry.

Why choose us?

We work tirelessly to connect forwarding agents and experienced drivers who are in search of self-employed courier work. Our longstanding commitment to the industry explains why we host its principal exchange network, and why we’re miles ahead of our competitors.

About us

Our respected services date back almost two decades. In 1999, Transport Exchange Group (TEG) founded the Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange to accommodate the increasing demands of UK transport companies. We’ve been expanding our impressive platforms ever since – now, our two online communities are the most sought-after in the country’s industry. If you’re a freight forwarder or an owner driver in search of work, you’re bound to find and receive the best and most rewarding assignments with our help.

Did you know that our successful network contains 7,000+ members? This number keeps increasing, thanks to our leading platform’s emphasis on facilitating real-time communication. As a result, self-employed owner driver jobs and outstanding networking opportunities are right at our professional forwarders’ and drivers’ fingertips.

TEG is the UK’s most esteemed provider of managed Freight Exchange. When looking at our statistics, it’s easy to see why: to date, our members have set 170,000 monthly assignments in more than 50,000 vehicles into motion. This is in no small part due to our online platforms’ easy-to-use search function for matching loads and courier work, and to our tried-and-tested professional networking opportunities.

When you establish meaningful contacts in our industry network, you’ll find that our services enable you to communicate and problem solve like never before. If you’re seeking advice regarding legislative changes, fuel costs, finding more professional drivers, and – of course – resolving the issue of empty return journeys on courier jobs, our platform is here to help you find a solution.

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Success stories

Astral Couriers

John Regler secured his first big contract with an aircraft parts manufacturer, and has since joined Courier Exchange to both grow his business and increase his contact network.

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Avantee Logistics

Avantee Logistics

It’s a fine balance and one that few couriers achieve. How do you grow your business, yet remain faithful to your roots? It’s a question that Kevin Evans, owner of Avantee Logistics, pondered for a long time until he found the solution by signing…

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Dortudor Dot Com

Dortudor Dot Com

When Mike set up Dortudor Dot Com, he joined CX – and the rest is history. By using our platform to find work and by upholding his high standards of customer service, he has watched his business grow to be a huge success.

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