Supporting Owner Drivers

£0 accreditation fee during April in response to inflation and fuel prices

Supporting Owner Drivers

Advertise capacity, reduce dead mileage

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Courier Exchange is the platform to make sure you can always find the right vehicle, in the right place, at the right time.

Around the clock and around the country, our real-time Live Availability Map helps you get the capacity you need… fast.

Click on a blue icon to see details of available details in real-time or select ‘Loads‘ to see thousands of new available courier loads every day… across the UK and Europe. Thousands of vehicles from small vans to specialist hauliers available.

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The CX Exchange virtual fleet has over 50,000 vehicles, so you can rest assured that whatever you’re looking for and wherever the job may be, a suitable courier won’t be hard to find.


Courier loads offered every month on the UK’s most trusted courier network.


Money generated by courier jobs posted and accepted on our network.


Positive feedback rate from our members about our members .

Success stories

MPC Couriers

Martin Coulson discusses how his CX Exchange membership has allowed him to set up his own same day delivery website and find capable carriers for his jobs in minutes. Martin has plans to develop his company even further in the future.

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Lost and Found Courier Services

Darrin Armstrong, Managing Director of Lost & Found Courier Services, explains why CX is the perfect business partner.

“When I started couriering 14 years ago, things weren’t easy. The industry was much more conservative and risk adverse. It was difficult to get in front of large companies, let alone win new business…”

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Quickshift Couriers

Quickshift has been part of the exchange platform for over 25 years, and the business has seen incredible improvements over the decades. The company has expanded, delivery jobs are in abundance and dead mileage is now a thing of the past.

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