Supporting Owner Drivers

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Supporting Owner Drivers

Courier Subcontractor Work Across the UK & Europe

Connect with UK and European courier drivers and companies with our trade-only, real-time freight exchange.

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What makes us the best?

Courier Exchange (CX) is a trade-only online freight exchange. We offer real-time updates to connect independent drivers and companies across the UK and the rest of Europe.

We have set the benchmark within the UK logistics industry. Our website facilitates the exchange of information and jobs between freight forwarders, fleet managers, companies and independent drivers. The platform enables parties to subcontract work, locate empty vehicles and find courier jobs.

We can help you:

Always here when you need us

For drivers, CX offers a valuable service, helping you to find courier jobs in the most straightforward and effective way possible so that you have more time to concentrate on your work. You can rest assured all our operators are trustworthy and have been fully assessed. The easy-to-navigate platform furnishes you with the tools for growing your business and increasing your revenue.

Helping you grow your business

At CX we recognize that time is money for busy drivers. We make it easy for you to make the very best use of both, with our huge network of freight forwarders at your fingertips. You can search for work from the more than 170,000 courier jobs registered with us every month.

Building solid networks and contacts

Our members are trusted and thoroughly vetted companies and freight forwarders, which means you’ll be able to build a solid network of reliable contacts, leading to a higher profile, more courier jobs and increased profits.

The Benefits of Joining

For drivers looking to expand and enhance their business, our platform has a host of features that sets us head and shoulders above other freight exchange services. It offers the ideal online space to find loads and subcontractors, among other valuable features such as:

CX was established, along with Haulage Exchange, by the well-known Transport Exchange Group (TEG) in 1999. The two platforms have now evolved into the UK’s most prolific and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges.

These online platforms enable more than 7,000 active members to engage in a real-time communication hub. The Transport Exchange Group has accounted for over 1.2 million movements nationwide, via over 50,000 vehicles – which means they have vast knowledge and experience in facing the challenges of the road transport industry.

In an easy-to-navigate online space, members can trade courier jobs and information, enabling many to offset the challenges that face today’s drivers. These include issues of rising fuel prices, confusing and time consuming legislation, driver shortages and empty return journeys.

TEG continues to set the benchmark for services within the competitive domestic road transport industry.

Key Benefits

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Value of work each year shared by members.


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Success stories

HSP Couriers

HSP has been with us since the beginning. They joined in 2008 (and even won the Best Newcomer Award their first year with us) and have been a member ever since. Now that’s a long-lasting relationship!

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Guvs 24/7

Andrew went from international pool player to owner of a courier business – but the career switch isn’t as dramatic as it may seem. He’s found that he’s been able to transfer skills from his pool playing days to logistics, such as the ability to improvise… and we’ve helped him with our app.

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Planet Logistics

Planet Logistics celebrates two anniversaries this year – its own ten-year birthday and ten years of being part of CX, the world’s largest trading hub for same-day and express freight carriers. Established in 2000 by former Lynx employees David Summerhayes and Glyn Hall, Planet Logistics has grown alongside CX.

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