Supporting Owner Drivers

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Supporting Owner Drivers

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Our mission is to establish long and lasting relationships between freight transportation companies and drivers all over the UK and Europe. Trade only.

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Courier Work for Owner Drivers

We are a premier trade-only freight exchange for courier jobs in the UK and Europe, committed to establishing real time connections between drivers and dispatcher companies.

We are proud to run the UK’s premier network for professionals in the delivery industry. If you’re in search of freight forwarders or courier work for owner drivers, look no further than our services, which will enable your company’s profit to skyrocket.

We can help you:

Discover and Trade Courier Work for Owner Drivers

We are dedicated to facilitating the finding and trading of jobs. With our easy-to-use online platform, your search becomes entirely stress free; we enable you to organise additional loads if you need them and post courier work for owner drivers. Even better: you get to reap the benefits of communicating with our large network of trustworthy members, which takes a load off of your shoulders when you’re trying to subcontract jobs.

Establish Connections with Trusted Professionals

We strive to provide the best networking opportunities, which is why we always make sure that our platform’s members undergo a thorough accreditation check. When you become an active part of our community, you’ll never be at a loss for useful contacts when you have courier work for owner drivers. Instead, your business will benefit greatly from the extensive and long-lasting network of experts that you’ll connect with.

Why Join Us?

As the UK’s leading online platform for courier work for owner drivers, we help build relationships within the logistics industry. We facilitate freight exchange and opportunities for jobs all across the UK and the rest of Europe, and do so by always maintaining the highest standards. Our membership’s distinctive benefits are what differentiate us from all of our competitors:

About Us

The Transport Exchange Group (TEG), which consists of the Courier Exchange (CX) and Haulage Exchange (HX), has been serving and evolving with the ever-growing UK transport industry since 1999. Today, our constantly expanding platforms are the most popular in the country. With our tight-knight community of members, you’re guaranteed to find and win more assignments than ever before.

There’s no stopping our online network, which is growing at an astronomical rate. Currently, we have more than 7,000 satisfied members who are taking advantage of our platform’s real-time communication to scope out the industry’s best jobs and contacts.

As the UK’s most revered freight exchange provider, we at TEG are responsible for mobilising over 50,000 vehicles, which carry out over 1.2 million job assignments a year. Thanks to our online platform’s user-friendly functions, networking and coordinating jobs and loads has never been easier.

If you’re looking for contacts that will have a valuable impact on your business, we’re here to help you. By joining our network of industry experts, you’ll be able to dip into a vast pool of knowledge. Wondering about fuel costs, legislative changes, or where to find the best jobs? Our platform’s members have the answers.

Key Benefits

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Success stories

Diamond Logistics

ICD is a great example of how our platform can help you to expand into new niches in more locations across the country, using features such as the Live Availability Map. Take a look at their story.

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Light Freight Courier Services Aberdeen

When you’re a member of CX, your success is always rewarded: we make sure of it. The proof is in the pudding – or in Paul, a self-employed owner driver, in this case.

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Eddie Dunnigan

Everyone has their own reasons for needing to be their own boss. For Eddie, it was his disabled wife and two grandsons living at home. With the help of CX, he was able to become self-employed.

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