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Connecting courier companies and drivers throughout the UK & Europe in real time, we pride ourselves in being the UK’s number one freight exchange site, offering same day courier jobs across the UK and Europe.

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Why choose the Exchange to find same day courier work?

As the UK’s number one site for industry professionals, you can rely on Courier Exchange to provide you with great connections. We help owner drivers, courier firms and freight forwarders find same day available loads, empty vehicles and courier sub-contracts both in the UK and across Europe.

Developing your business

With the help of Courier Exchange, your business can become more profitable and efficient. You’ll be able to sub-contract your courier delivery jobs using our easy-to-navigate website and rest easy in the knowledge that all of our operators have been fully vetted.

We have an excellent network of firms, owner drivers and freight forwarders – and you can be part of it. We’re proud to say that over 170,000 jobs are listed each month, so there really is no better place to find same day loads and same day delivery jobs.

Important connections

When you join our network you will find a number of great industry connections, from owner drivers to entire courier firms. Building these relationships will allow you to increase your loads and eventually expand your own business.

Business benefits

With Courier Exchange, you’ll be able to find same day loads, reliable sub-contractors and great connections. To set ourselves apart from other exchange sites, we have made sure that we offer a number of useful and unique features. Our interactive maps, feedback system and instant messaging service have all proved popular with our users, and we also carry out accreditation checks to ensure all our members are trustworthy and reliable.

Key Benefits

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Positive feedback rate from our members about our members.

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Success stories

Royal Mail Sameday

The demand for Royal Mail’s services has been at record levels in recent months. Mark Fitzjohn talks about how CX has helped the drivers keep on top of their deliveries.

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Red Rocket Couriers

Since 2007 Andy Ling has been using the Exchange to reduce dead mileage and find extra loads for his business. Redhead Couriers were the first volunteers to trial our combined advanced vehicle tracking, integrating their existing telematics solution with our technology.

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AK Transporters

AK Transporters began with the Courier Exchange (CX) in May 2023. In just three months, their start-up has grown into a thriving business on CX.

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