The Transport Exchange Group (“TEG”, “we, “us”, “our”) referral scheme is an opportunity for authorised individuals (“Users”,“you”, “your”) of an organisation (“Member”) to earn rewards for successfully referring other businesses to join TEG (“Referral Program”).

If you opt to participate in the Referral Program, you shall be subject to these terms and conditions (“Terms”). If you do not agree with these Terms, you must not participate in our Referral Program.

We may update these Terms from time to time to reflect any changes to the Referral Program. You should read these Terms from time to time and before you make a referral.

  1. How the Referral Program works
    1. The Referral Program consists of 5 stages: 
      1. Stage 1 – signing up to the Referral Program:
        To sign up, you will be required to provide your business email address and your request to sign up will be accepted by TEG by generating a unique referral link; 
      2. Stage 2 – sharing your unique referral link:
        You may share your unique referral link with contacts in your network via email or other social media platforms; 
      3. Stage 3 – using your unique referral link:
        Your contacts must use your unique referral link to apply to become a member of TEG; 
      4. Stage 4 – converting into a prospective member:
        Once stages 1 to 3 above have been complied with and subject to these Terms, the referred contact will convert into prospective member (“Lead”); and
      5. Stage 5 – successful referrals:
        A referral shall be successful when a Lead converts into a new paying member of TEG (“Successful Referral”). 
  2. Referral conditions and limits 
    1. All Leads must be new and first-time applicants to TEG. 
    2. You must not at any time, invite or refer people who are unknown to you.
    3. We will only reward you for a maximum of 10 Successful Referrals per month.
    4. You represent that all information provided under this Referral Program is accurate and up to date. We may monitor your use of the Referral Program, or request your CXID (and any other information reasonably required) to verify your identity before issuing rewards.  
  3. Restrictions
    1. By participating in our Referral Program you understand and agree that:
      1.  you must not use referral methods that are bothersome to the recipients;
      2. you must not violate applicable laws, including but not limited to Data Protection Laws and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations; 
      3. you are prohibited from promoting our Referral Program (i.e. by sharing your unique referral link) to contacts that are engaged in services related to adult content provision, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, games and online casinos, political content provision, and any activities that are illegal in nature that may bringing TEG’s brand into dispute; and 
      4. you will not use the referral scheme for any mass marketing or recruitment or any other purpose other than to refer a contact to apply to become a member of TEG.
  4. Rewards 
    You will receive a £50 Amazon voucher for each Successful Referral. The voucher is redeemable online with Amazon and any purchases made by you shall be subject to their terms and conditions. We are entitled to change the reward or its provider from time to time.
  5. Issuing your rewards
    1. Once a Lead converts into a Successful Referral, we will notify you via email that you have made a Successful Referral.
    2. Rewards will be issued to you within 10 business days (i.e. Monday – Friday not including bank holidays in England) of being notified of a Successful Referral. Rewards will be issued to the email address provided during the sign-up process (Stage 1) of the Referral Program. 
  6. Privacy 
    1. All personal information collected and processed as part of this Referral Program will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available here
    2. We  have collaborated with third party service providers in order to run this Referral Program and we have taken the appropriate measures as required under Data Protection Laws in relation to their processing of your personal data on our behalf. Details of how they handle your personal data can be found here:
      1. Tremendous –
      2. Referral Factory –
    3. If you do not wish for your personal data to be processed by the third parties listed in clause 6.2 above, you must not participate in this Referral Program. 
  7. Termination 
    1. This Referral Program will run on a continuous basis until terminated by TEG. We may, at our sole discretion, notify you of our decision via the Referral Program page to terminate the Referral Program and the date on which the Referral Program will end. 
    2. Any referral that has converted into a Successful Referral on or before the end date of the Referral Program shall be  valid and you will be eligible for your reward for that Successful Referral.  
    3. If you do not comply with any of the referral conditions and limits and/or the restrictions and/or any other conditions set out in these Terms, we may prohibit you from participating in our Referral Program.
    4. We may terminate your participation in our Referral Program for any reason if we reasonably believe that it is in TEG’s best interests. 
  8. Branding and intellectual property rights 
    You acknowledge and agree that any branding and materials including intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trade marks and logos) used in the Referral Program belong to us or have been licensed by us. You must not copy or use this branding and material in any way. 
  9. Disclaimer and Indemnification 
    1. We offer our Referral Program and the rewards only on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We may remove, change, and update the Referral Program as necessary. 
    2. We will never make any promises or guarantees about the content and information in our Referral Program. 
    3. We will not be responsible for any information that is incorrect or has errors.  
    4. You acknowledge and agree that we can never guarantee any benefit or result from your participation in the Referral Program. 
    5. You will defend, indemnify, and hold TEG harmless from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of breach of these Terms and/or your data protection obligations. 
  10. Communication 
    1. If you have an issue regarding your reward (e.g. a delay in receiving your reward), please contact
    2. All rewards are non-exchangeable.
  11. General
    1. Third party rights. These Terms do not give rise to rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any part of these Terms. 
    2. Transferring these Terms. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation. We will always tell you via a publication on our platform if this happens and we will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under these Terms.
    3. Governing law and jurisdiction. These Terms, their subject matter and their formation (and any non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by English law. We both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.