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Courier Exchange is the UK’s biggest courier platform. It gets you access to 13,000+ daily loads. And everything owner drivers need to make more money and grow.

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I could not have got started without the exchange I had a handful of customers when I started and the exchange kept me busy.

Steve Edwards

S Edwards Limited

From a family perspective, the Exchange has given me the freedom and flexibility to work for who I want, when I want and where I want.

Mike Puplett

The Courier Guy

Courier Exchange is the market leading platform for all couriers and hauliers. A must for any business trying to resolve the headache of “driving empty”. Great communication at their office when needed. With features and applications that get better year on year

Steve Beckett

Speedy Fleet Couriers

This CX platform is without doubt the best transport / shipping platform in the UK hands down!

Barry Little

Simpex Express

Courier exchange is an amazing platform, perfect for build and grow your business, and help provided step by step.

Nicoleta Capusneac

Around 60 percent of my work comes from CX. It’s introduced me to large clients in the automotive and aviation industries, and customers in the events and real estate sectors.

Nick Nappi

Nick Of Time Logistics

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As an Exchange member, you can also filter by:

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Thousands of loads to choose from

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13,000 daily loads. And the best tech in the business.

Here’s what you can do with Courier Exchange…

Find outbound loads

There are more than 13,000 loads posted to CX every day. That’s one every 7 seconds.

No other UK platform has so many loads available.

With CX, you can browse the loads. And quote for them.

Which means you always have access to a steady stream of loads – no matter what the time of year.

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Find return loads

With CX, you have access to loads all over the country.

So once you’ve delivered a load, open the CX app. Find a juicy backload, and submit your quote.

CX doesn’t just make it easy to find outbound loads. CX makes it easy to find return loads, too.

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Win more work

Prices per mile change constantly. CX can show you average prices per mile for vehicles like yours going to and from certain locations.

The data is updated weekly. With CX, you can quote strategically to win more work… no matter what the time of year.

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Let the loads find you

With CX, you can find your own loads. But you don’t even need to do that.

There are more than 13,000 loads posted to CX every day. And 44.7% of those go unsold… which means CX shippers are always looking for drivers.

With CX, you can let shippers know when you’re empty. Simply set your status to ‘available’ in the CX app. Then sit back and wait for shippers to contact you.

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The average number of daily loads posted to CX

2.27 million

The number of loads delivered by CX members in 2023


The average member-to-member positive feedback rating on CX

Escape multi-drop

The majority of CX loads are A-to-B.

One pick up point. One drop off point.

With CX, you can make good money… without working so hard.

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Work with some of the UK’s biggest shippers

When you join CX, you also get Trustd. Trustd is cutting-edge tech that demonstrates compliance continuously.

Thanks to Trustd, you can prove you’re trustworthy to CX shippers.

Which means some of the UK’s biggest shippers can become your customers.

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Manage finances

It can be hard for drivers to keep track of payments. With CX, that changes.

With CX, you send shippers digital invoices. Better still, you send them through the platform… which means CX can automatically show you:

– when your invoices are outstanding
– when your invoices have been approved
– and when your invoices have been paid

So there’s no more guesswork.

With CX, you can check you’ve been paid in seconds – and contact shippers when you haven’t.

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Expand your network

CX is the UK’s biggest courier platform. With CX, you’re part of a community of more than 8,000 insiders.

What’s more, you get access to the CX directory. That means you can contact other members in your area. To partner up. For everyone’s gain.

With CX, life as a courier isn’t such a struggle – shippers in your area want to work with you.

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Access requirements

What you need to join

Courier Exchange is a membership-only platform. We only accept serious and professional courier businesses as members.

To join CX you must have your own van (although you can lease one if you don’t own one).

You need to be working in the transport industry. And you’ll need to submit the following for consideration:

  • Your driving licence
  • Hire and Reward insurance
  • Goods in Transit insurance
  • One proof of address
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • VAT number (if applicable)

Should you meet our requirements, you’ll be invited to join the platform.

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