Supporting Owner Drivers

£0 accreditation fee during April in response to inflation and fuel prices

Supporting Owner Drivers

Become a more profitable owner driver


Grow your business with the UK’s most trusted courier platform.

Over 300,000 loads/month

Every day thousands of owner drivers around the UK rely on Courier Exchange (CX) to get more loads and grow their companies. Find out why we’re the professional choice for couriers.

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Over 50,000 available vehicles

As a hard working owner driver you know how frustrating it is to turn down courier work. With Courier Exchange you never have to again. Expand your routes and company quickly and easily.

Advertise your availability

Get noticed by thousands of transport companies that are looking for owner drivers like you. Win more business by advertising when you need back loads. We use your location, size and availability to match you with the requirements and send instant notifications.

Additional member benefits

Included with every package, advanced features and great extra benefits to help you make every mile matter.

Expand your network

With the help of CX, you can watch your company grow safely and quickly. You’ll have access to over 8,000 like-minded professionals, so expanding your network, finding new trading partners, building long-term relationships and keeping your workload healthy, happy and full has never been easier.

Manage finances

If you’re an owner driver who much prefers being out on the road to sitting at a desk doing admin work, you’re in luck. We can make your life easier by helping you get your invoices (both VAT and statements), advice notes and PODS completed and submitted.

Manage your jobs

Are you an owner driver in charge of a small company? The 2-Way diary can help simplify things when it comes to accurate reporting on order books and outstanding loads and to keeping track of your business partners, work and vehicles.

Activity summary

Do you want to know you can trust your business partners? We’ve got an accreditation scheme that will make sure you know all you need to before you work with them. Our features are fantastic, and will give you all the information you need in one easily accessible spot. Grow your company, find more jobs and build relationships with other members – it’s that easy and safe.

How does it work?

Let the work find you in 3 easy steps

Share your location

Members can share real time vehicle availability, return journey information or look for available loads.

Job notifications in real-time

We match available vehicles with the load requirements and send notifications via email or instant messaging.

Book and deliver

Agree the details and price directly with the load poster and use our system to manage bookings, deliveries, PODs and invoices.

What do you need?

In order to join, you must be working wholly within the courier or transport industry and you will need to provide the following minimum documentary evidence about you and your business:

Driving Licence
Vehicle Insurance
Goods in Transit insurance
Two forms of Proof of Address
Certificate of Incorporation and VAT number
(if applicable)

CX has immediately given me a much better work/life balance. The App gives me the flexibility to choose my hours, and most importantly, its smart loading matching technology, ensures that I win enough loads each month to always earn a decent wage.

Stewart Blunden, SB Sameday Couriers

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Explore the ways that joining the largest freight exchange in Europe will take your business to the next level.

Success stories

Avantee Logistics

It's a fine balance and one that few couriers achieve. How do you grow your business, yet remain faithful to your roots? It’s a question that Kevin Evans, owner of Avantee Logistics, pondered for a long time until he found the solution by signing up with CX, one of the UK's leading collaborative logistics platforms.

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Dortudor Dot Com

With the help of CX, Mike has been able to expand Dortudor Dot Com from its humble roots – and now his business is an enormous success. We can’t take all the credit, though. We simply provided him with the work. It was his high standards of customer service that pushed him to the top.

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Eddie Dunnigan

With a disabled wife and two grandsons at home, Eddie Dunnigan needed to be his own boss. Luckily, he joined the CX network and was able to choose hours that suited his lifestyle.

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The Driver App

Stay connected, no matter where you are. Get updates in real time about availability statuses or return journeys, and receive notifications about potential jobs directly to your phone.

Add / edit your availability status and destination to get more loads.
Give great customer service with real-time status updates.
Easily manage your work, wherever you are.
‘One touch’ is all it takes to boost your courier business.
Stay ahead of the competition and win more work.


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