CX unites more couriers with more shippers than any other UK platform

In the courier game, shippers need couriers. And couriers need shippers. CX unites the two. So shippers can work with more couriers. And couriers can move more loads.

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How CX works

Step 1: We check compliance

Before anyone joins our closed-network Exchange, we check relevant compliance documents.

In fact, we do so using our compliance partner, Trustd.

Trustd uses advanced API checks and cutting-edge tech to monitor shipper and carrier compliance continuously.

That means when you join CX, you always know – and can always trust – who you’re working with.

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Step 2: Shippers post loads

Next, shippers post loads to CX. Lots of loads.

On average, there are more than 13,000 loads posted to CX every single day.

The posts say where the loads are, where they need to be, and when.

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Step 3: Couriers quote on loads

Couriers can quote for loads in their area.

Couriers can even search for loads that are going to specific locations.

That allows couriers to plan ahead, booking outbound journeys, return journeys, and even journeys in between.

What’s more, couriers can use our proprietary data to see average rates before quoting.

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Step 4: Shippers accept courier quotes

Next, shippers accept a courier quote, booking the courier.

From there, the booked courier heads to the pickup at the agreed time, and delivers the load.

CX tracking means shippers can track courier progress… and get ETA alerts along the way.

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Step 5: Shippers pay

Following deliveries, couriers send digital PODs and invoices to shippers through CX.

That means both sides can see a job, it’s POD, and it’s invoice… all in one screen.

Better still, CX’s Finance Manager shows both sides when invoices are due and when they’re due, reducing finance admin by as much as 80%.

Armed with accurate information, shippers pay couriers. Everyone wins.

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The average number of daily loads posted to CX

2.27 million

The number of loads delivered by CX members in 2023


The average member-to-member positive feedback rating on CX

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