Christmas is coming – how are you gearing up? [Article sponsored by our partners, Business Choice Direct]

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As we approach peak season, logistics companies are gearing up to cope with one of the busiest times of year.

It’s not only Christmas that brings a spike in demand for deliveries: Black Friday this November 25th is looking to generate a huge surge. Last year saw sales in excess of £9.2 bn in the UK alone, with multiple retailers launching sales events as early as the end of October.

Christmas 2021 saw retail sales rise by over 7% in the UK, but whilst that was inflated by lock-down in the first half of the year, expectations are that E-commerce will see another record-breaking season in 2022. This increase in demand calls for effective management of drivers and delivery workforce to handle seasonal spikes.

Peak pressures

If managing fleets, couriers and tracking delivery operations is hectic on normal days, it is even more complicated during peak seasons.

Recruiting and training new staff or subcontractors is just one of the demands that puts logistics and courier companies under further pressure. Advertising, recruiting, training and managing all the additional paperwork and documentation is an added headache during a time when courier companies are already overburdened.  

Furthermore, efficient route planning and dispatching is critical during peak times, since the last leg of any shipment accounts for over 50% of the entire transportation costs. Any failure to deliver or use an incorrect route will increase delivery costs.

Driver recruitment

For managing the staffing side, there are several innovative workforce management technology systems available which are designed to streamline the process around onboarding, wages, contracts and admin, etc. The Courier Exchange is a great example of this, with a fully compliant network of verified professionals to make your recruitment process seamless.


As your workforce grows to meet demand, don’t forget about the insurance side. Our insurance partner Business Choice Direct (BCD) can provide members with advice and the best rates for courier and haulage insurance:


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