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Who is the Courier Exchange for?

It’s for self-employed couriers, those about to become self-employed couriers, large courier companies and shipping companies.  

When you join, you get to see the advertised ‘loads’ in your area. You can then contact load posters and offer to deliver their loads, for a fee. 

Is Courier Exchange worth joining?

Definitely! To give you peace of mind, our onboarding team help make sure you make your money back.  

Our business only works when you succeed. That’s what makes joining a safe bet. 

Will I be employed if I join The Exchange?

No. The Exchange is a marketplace. Couriers can use it to find work, and shipping companies use it to find couriers. 

How old can my van be to operate on the Exchange? 

We recommend that the van be no older than 5 years, however, we have no van age restriction when it comes to joining the Exchange. If the van is in good working order, looks presentable and has the required insurances, there won’t be any issues. The colour of the van doesn’t matter either. 

Please remember, the condition of your vehicle is often one of the first things a customer sees, so having a clean and well-maintained vehicle will likely lead to repeat bookings. Reliability is essential if you want to make sure you provide the best service.  

Will I have to load and unload the van myself? 

Load posters specify this when posting loads. If you’d prefer not to load and unload your van yourself, you don’t have to!

When will I get paid?

Each load posted specifies payment terms. That might be 14 days after you’ve invoiced. 30 days after you’ve invoiced. Or 30 days after the end of the month – which is normal for businesses. 

Do load posters offer contracts on the Exchange?

Most Exchange loads are one-offs. But you’ll probably find you’ll work with the same load posters over and over again. After all, if a business needs you one day, the chances are they’ll need you the next.  

Can I use my car on the Exchange?

Unfortunately, you’ll need a van to join The Exchange

What van size do I need to operate on the Exchange?

‘Load posters’ – ie, shipping companies – have varying needs. You can have a small van. Or a big van. Luton vans are popular thanks to their capacity. Register your interest and our team will give you more details. 

What do I need to join? 
If you don’t already have it, our team will help you get everything you need to join. You’ll need… 
  • Driving licence
  • ‘Hire and Reward’ insurance
  • ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance
  • One proof of address
  • ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ and VAT number (if applicable)
Register your interest if you’d like our team to give you more details. 
How busy will I be on the Exchange?

The Courier Exchange is the UK’s biggest courier marketplace.  

Load posters regularly post more than 13,000 loads a day (excluding duplicates).

Posts typically sell within 4 minutes, and around 5,000 posted loads remain unsold every day.  

It’s a busy, busy place. 

How much can I earn on the Exchange?

We can tell you average fees per delivery in your area. Register and a member of our team will let you know. 

How is Courier Exchange different from other load boards?

Courier Exchange isn’t just a load board. Behind the technology is a large team with 20 years’ experience in market-leading freight tech. Our membership includes over 7,000 vetted logistics professionals across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe. 

With easy TMS and Telematics integration, digital accounting tools, digital PODs and invoicing, real-time maps and a free mobile app, you’ll enjoy full control of your business with profitable opportunities. Members have access to account managers, onboarding, training academy, customer services and complaints teams – all teams working hard to help you grow your business on the Exchange. 

Is Courier Exchange only for national operators?

Whether you’re an owner driver, courier company or forwarder, you can choose to work nationally or internationally. Our network consists of over 7,000 members across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe. You have the freedom to decide how far you’d like to travel when transporting loads. Whatever your preference, national or international, Courier Exchange can work for you. 

Can my company join Courier Exchange?

We’d love you to join our trading community.  

It’s as easy as, 

1. Registering your business on Companies House;  

2. Providing us with the following documents relevant to your business type (owner driver or courier company)  

  • 1 x valid Driving License  
  • 2 x proof of address dated within the last 2 months  
  • Your private limited company (Ltd) registered on Companies House   

3. Completing our 30-minute online training. 



Who is trading on the Exchange platform?

There are two types of traders operating on the Exchange:

  1. Load posters
    Load posters are members looking for couriers to deliver their freight. Load posters post loads, receive quotes from couriers, and allocate loads to couriers.

  2. Couriers
    Couriers move freight on behalf of load posters. Couriers quote for loads, win new business and deliver loads.