August courier prices remain stable despite fuel price drops and recession fear 

According to the CX price index, despite fuel prices decreasing and talk of a recession, average Exchange prices-per-mile aren’t moving all that much at all 

You might expect average prices-per-mile on The Exchange to have dropped in August. 

Experts keep telling us there’s a recession on the cards. And, possibly because we’re all expecting a recession, fuel prices have finally started to fall of late. 

Even so, our price index shows average prices-per-mile on the Courier Exchange only reduced by 0.08% in August… which, in the grand scheme of things, is almost no drop whatsoever. 

Kirsten Tisdale, who’s a leading expert on these matters, reckons the reason prices have remained stable is, bluntly, the time of year. She says that as Christmas approaches average courier prices-per-mile usually rise. Combine that with a predicted recession and you’ve got two effects cancelling each other out.  

Whether or not prices will continue to hold firm in the current climate remains to be seen. For what it’s worth though, Exchange CEO Lyall Cresswell backs our industry to ride out the current downturn, commenting companies have “become incredibly resilient in recent years, coming through Brexit, Covid, war in Ukraine and various other challenges. The adaptability they’ve shown will stand them in good stead now.” 

Bottom line? 

For now, Exchange prices are just about stable… and courier prices usually rise as Christmas nears. 


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