Planet Logistics

Same-day courier specialists, Planet Logistics celebrates two anniversaries this year – it’s own ten year birthday and ten years of being part of Courier Exchange, the world’s largest trading hub for same-day and express freight carriers. Established in 2000 by former Lynx employees, David Summerhayes and Glyn Hall, Planet Logistics has grown alongside Courier Exchange.

From early days to business expansion

In the early days it was purely a three-man band with David and Glyn out on the road while colleague, Roger Jackson, a sales expert, pulled in new business. Now Planet Logistics has three offices, in Gloucester, Reading and Bristol with many vehicles and drivers. Courier Exchange has been an integral part of this expansion according to David, who has been in transport and logistics for the bulk of his working life.

How the Exchange grows business

We heard about Courier Exchange through word of mouth and thought we’d give it a go to see if it increased business. It undoubtedly has. The Exhange is a fantastic forum for gaining business and increasing capacity! It has helped increase profits and reduce costs in a big way.
With a varied but mainly industrial customer base Planet Logistics can deliver whatever the client wishes, from aviation parts to window frames and spares. Courier Exchange enables them to accept jobs which if theywere not part of a trading network they would almost certainly have to refuse. The Exchange also offers peace of mind with David knowing he is calling on a collection of vetted, reputable drivers and companies.

Building valuable industry contacts

Courier Exchange has enabled Planet Logistics to build valuable industry contacts, helping the business through the recession while retaining the ability to offer capacity should extra customers come calling.