Need more courier work or have more than you can handle?

Use the Courier Exchange platform to grow your business and improve productivity


What we do and how we do it

At Courier Exchange we provide the fastest and most developed online trading platform for the courier industry, designed to assist your business operations in a variety of ways. We provide you with an easy-to-use suite of online tools to help your business find additional loads to fill your vehicles or locate the best-fit sub-contractors to carry your excess and ‘out-of-area’ freight.
  • Real time Platform Members can post available loads, journey information and real time vehicle availability status on the exchange.
  • Loads Matching and Notifications We match available vehicles (using location/size/availability) with the load requirement and send a notification instantly via email or SMS
  • 2-Way Diary & Accounting Module Members negotiate details and price directly with each other and use our Diary system to confirm bookings and complete the delivery.

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Our unique features to set us apart from other online exchange sites

  • A Mobile App to keep members connected to Courier Exchange and send them live notifications while on the move
  • Advanced Accreditation checks with the ability to supply feedback on other members
  • Strict membership criteria
  • Integrated billing module
  • And much much much more!

What you need - requirements

In order to join you must be working wholly within the transport industry and will need to provide the
following minimum documentary evidence about you and your business:

Corporation Number
Business License
Work Comp for Employees
Employee Insurance

Improve profitability

At the Courier Exchange we provide a unique service for professional courier companies. Our aim is to improve your profitability and to provide a springboard to grow your business. We have been operating the Exchange since 2000 and in that time we have seen thousands of companies benefit from the Exchange. We give you the ability to expand our business and get jobs covered which you might not be able to handle yourself.

Courier Exchange has proved to be a very good tool for us, not just providing us with work but providing us with the ability to expand our business and get jobs covered which we might not be able to handle ourselvesGlyn, Quickshift Transport
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