Do you need to place loads quickly and effortlessly?

Here's how Courier Exchange help forwarders manage their business


What we do and how we do it

Courier Exchange gives forwarders a real-time online trading platform and access to a large community where independent owner drivers and courier companies post their availability status on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Real time Platform Members can post available loads, journey information and real time vehicle availability status on the exchange.
  • Loads Matching and Notifications We match available vehicles (using location/size/availability) with the load requirement and send a notification instantly via email or SMS
  • 2-Way Diary & Accounting Module Members negotiate details and price directly with each other and use our Diary system to confirm bookings and complete the delivery.

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Our unique features to set us apart from other freight exchange sites

  • A Mobile App to keep members connected to Courier Exchange and send them live notifications while on the move
  • Advanced Accreditation checks with the ability to supply feedback on other members
  • Strict membership criteria
  • Integrated billing module
  • And much much much more!

What you need - requirements

In order to join you must be a professional forwarding organisation. You will need to provide the following minimum documentary evidence about you and your business:
Certificate of Incorporation and Vat certificate (if applicable, equivalent document for non-UK members Goods in Transit insurance Two forms of Proof of Address BIFA, RHA, UKWA or other similar recognised assocation memberships

Improve profitability

At Courier Exchange we provide a unique service for professional owner drivers, designed to improve profitability and provide a springboard to grow your business. We have been operating the Exchange since 2000, and in that time we have seen literally thousands of owner drivers benefit from the Exchange. Many go on to build their businesses off the activity and relationships formed through the Exchange. Our easy-to-use suite of tools for owner drivers makes it straightforward to manage your business and gain from new relationships.

It’s a huge improvement on how we used to have to do things. In the old days if we had a job we could not cover it was a case of ringing round nine or ten other firms to see if they had capacity and you wouldn’t know if someone was already out on the road. With Courier Exchange you press a few buttons and you get firms coming straight back to you, it saves a lot of time and hassle.John Regler
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