Grow Your Business

Growing your business usually costs tens of thousands of pounds as you expand your owned fleet of vehicles, can be a massive risk and offers no guarantees. Courier Exchange allows you to grow your business ‘virtually’. ‘Virtually’ I hear you cry – how? The most obvious thing when expanding in the logistics industry is to increase your fleet size, along with the drivers for those vehicles. With Courier Exchange you do not need to purchase more vehicles or hire new staff, you can tap in to your ‘virtual fleet’ of vehicles and drivers spread across the UK and Europe. This means that you can call upon thousands of accredited, professional drivers instantly all for the small cost of your subscription fee.

Key Features

  • Utilise a virtual fleet of thousands of vehicles – nationwide
  • Never turn down your customers again
  • With more vehicles available to you, you can gain more end customers
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Maximise Your Mileage

125 mile job from Nottingham to London – great news on your outward trip, not so great on your return if you are empty. You are paying for the fuel and for the wear and tear on your van or truck. So this journey isn’t as profitable as it could be. You need to maximise your miles by getting a load on your return.

Up until now this has been a hard or almost impossible task. With Courier Exchange you will increase your chances many times over – how? By registering your trip back to base (‘return journey’) on the exchange, you are making yourself available and visible to other members who may have a load going your way, meaning you get a load you haven’t accounted for, resulting in more profit on this job and more money in your pocket.

Key Features

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  • Register your empty vehicle for nationwide & Europe-wide visibility
  • Search loads and view results in a list or on a map
  • Let the system automatically help you find work on your return

Professional Tools

With over 18 years of experience, Courier Exchange has developed a number of unique tools that will help you and your business. These range from our comprehensive ‘live’ courier directory with a number of filters designed to help you find exactly what or who you are looking for to our mobile phone application (Andorid and iPhone) which allows drivers to register their status and whilst on the road and use the GPS-tracking facility to allow ‘connected’ members to view live location and availability for work.

Key Features

  • Online access from anywhere (with an internet connection)
  • Access to the most comprehensive courier directory
  • Track drivers using our intuitive user-friendly mobile app
  • View relevant documents of members and check validity
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Outsource Work

Never turn another job down. If all of your vehicles and drivers are on jobs and your biggest customer calls, you have 3 choices; turn the job down, lie to your customer or sub-contract the job to a trusted, preferred driver. The last option is by far the best choice, but not always easy to do as you need to start calling through your list – taking time, costing money and inevitably proving not to be successful as nobody is available or too far away from the collection point.

Courier Exchange allows you to post your load on the exchange and the exchange does the hard work. It works out who can do the job based on their home and /or current location and vehicle size and then sends them an email instantly advising them there is a job available. You will then receive a number of quotes from couriers who can do the job. You then just need to select who to use. The job gets covered by a professional, your customer is happy with your service and you get to keep the profit!

Key Features

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  • Fully accredited drivers and companies
  • Check insurances and permits live
  • Get instant response to your advertized loads
  • Extra profits to be made by using drivers on their return