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Locate the nearest driver for all your jobs using the Courier Exchange Mobile App

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With over 40,000 registered vehicles on the Exchange, you can easily find drivers in your designated booking area.

The Application uses a GPS-enabled Android or Apple smartphone that allows couriers to provide real-time updates of their location, availability status and any registered journeys – allowing you to make the most of members while they are on the road. Drivers can even send one click status updates for when the load is being picked up so you can stay fully informed on every part of the journey. You can also roll out this service to your own company drivers and regular sub-contractors.

What does this mean for you as a company?

Posting a Load

Every time you post a new load onto the Exchange it will be automatically advertised to all mobile-enabled member drivers who are currently available and located within a geo-fence around the collection address.

Using the ‘Live Availability Map’ [LAM]

Login to the Courier Exchange ‘LAM’ for a live and accurate view of all of members real-time locations and availability status updates. Narrow down your searches by location and vehicle size. Track progress during your bookings for added confidence and proactive monitoring. Create your own groups for quicker searches.

Do more with the Exchange

You can also roll out the Mobile App to your own company drivers and regular sub-contractors. This will give you all of these benefits either within a ‘closed user group’ scenario or published to the general Exchange – if you choose this option, your assets will appear on the general Exchange under your company details which expands your company presence on the Exchange. Their location will also generate load notifications back to your despatch office.

The latest version of the Mobile App will be available on Monday 12th February 2018.


Company level subscribers will have one FREE mobile account included in their membership. Each additional mobile account will cost £9.99 per Month.

Call +44 (0)208 8896 6733 for more information.

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