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Explained: The new rules for transporting goods from the UK

What’s happening?

Drivers moving goods from the UK to the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland will soon need a  ‘standard international goods vehicle operator licence’ to transport goods commercially.

When do the rules begin?

The new rules begin on Saturday 21st May 2022.

Who’s affected?

You’re affected if you 

  • Transport goods commercially from the UK to the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland using either:
    • A van with a maximum authorised mass of over 2500kg and up to and including 3500kg, or;
    • A car/van towing a trailer with a gross train weight of over 2500kg and up to and including 3500kg

What’s a ‘maximum authorised mass’?

A maximum authorised mass is the weight of a vehicle or trailer plus the maximum load it can safely carry.

What’s a ‘gross train weight’?

A gross train weight is similar to a maximum authorised mass. It’s the total weight of a tractor unit, plus its trailer, plus the trailer’s maximum safe load.

How do I see affected loads in Courier Exchange?

Just look for a ‘Euro Load’ link on the Quotes screen.

This affects me. How do I comply?

You can either:

  • apply for a standard international goods vehicle operator licence for the first time
  • add vehicles to your standard international goods vehicle operator licence (if you already have one)
  • apply to upgrade your standard national goods vehicle operator licence (if you have one) to a standard international goods vehicle operator licence
  • apply to upgrade your restricted goods vehicle operator licence (if you have one) to a standard international goods vehicle operator licence

How do I apply for a new licence?

You can apply for a new licence here.

How long before my licence is granted?

It can take ​​up to 9 weeks to issue a licence following an application. If you need a licence sooner, you can apply for an interim licence when you apply for a full licence.

(Please note: application success is not guaranteed.)

How much do licences cost?

Licence applications cost £257 and, if successful, licences cost a further £401. A continuation fee of £401 applies every five years thereafter.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more via the UK government’s website.


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