R&B Logistics: How their confidence in CX helped them grow 


In 2004, after almost 20 years of being a successful multidrop driver, Roger Netherwood felt it was the right time to go out on his own and so he founded R&B Logistics.

After 5 years of operating as an owner-driver, in 2009 Roger decided it was time to take his business to the next level – and that’s when he turned to the Courier Exchange. 

Today, R&B Logistics has become a successful freight forwarder, from earning a 99.2% positive feedback rating in the app, Roger has built a thriving reputation among his customers.

I’ve got confidence in me, but I’ve also got confidence in Courier Exchange.

Roger Netherwood, Managing Director, R&B Logistics

Here’s how Roger did it

To stand out from the crowd and grow R&B Logistics, Roger decided to focus on building out a niche customer base.

Drawing on his passion for advocating sustainability, net zero & carbon emissions, Roger started to build up his book of engineering customers.

Before long he had customers ranging from small engineering companies right up to wind turbine blade manufacturers.

As a freight forwarder, Roger knew the key to his success would not only be promising his customers a good service – but delivering it.

Thankfully, Roger’s customers quickly came to realise “they could ring me, and I could get a vehicle to them. Anything from a bike ride up to a four-meter sprinter within an hour, sometimes sooner.  Sometimes it could be 10 minutes.”

“I always say to them, if it’s going to be any longer than that, I will let you know.” 

Incredibly, in 20 years, he’s only ever had to do that twice. That’s how ‘on it’ CX is, Roger says referring to the “good driver base”.

[CX] have a good insight into how to recruit drivers and you’ve got a wealth of knowledge there that you can tap into quite readily and quite easily – and it’s not going to cost you a fortune.

Roger Netherwood, Managing Director, R&B Logistics

That’s why Roger has found the feedback feature on CX so helpful for his business.

“What I look for in a quote is obviously the first thing is feedback. Also what they put in the notes as to how soon they can be there and what vehicle size it is. It doesn’t always come down to price” 


15 years

As a CX member


Positive reviews

His hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence in the Courier Exchange has helped him build a “very profitable and very successful business” all on his own.

The Courier Exchange has been the backbone of my business.

Roger Netherwood, Managing Director, R&B Logistics

In the past year, whilst posting over 800 loads, Roger has upheld over 200 positive reviews on the platform, with not a single negative review.

It’s safe to say the numbers really do speak for themselves. 

Reflecting on everything he’s accomplished, Roger attributes the success of R&B Logistics from the trust and confidence in himself and the Courier Exchange.


Much like Roger’s confidence in himself, his confidence in CX has allowed his business to thrive.

“If one of your customers is like, can you do HIAB work for me? And you’ve in the past said no… You see, I won’t do that. I’ll say, leave it with me…because I know what’s in CX”

Ultimately Roger says:

It’s all about making your own opportunities. Don’t say no, just go for it. Say yes, do it.

Roger Netherwood, Managing Director, R&B Logistics

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The article was published on . It was updated on 9 May 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.