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kkm deliveries

It’s the speed and flexibility of Courier Exchange which impressed bosses at the Portsmouth based express delivery firm, KKM Deliveries.

KKM was among the first courier businesses to sign up to the Exchange when it was established in 2000.

Co-owner, Kevin Matchan, recalls the system was recommended to them and with potential benefits such as increased work and improved profit margins, KKM were keen to test it out.

Eighteen years on and sameday specialists KKM remain happy members.

Kevin said: “Courier Exchange has allowed us to keep our business going, to grow and to meet customer demands.”

“I know if we cannot cover a load at short notice, we can post it on the Exchange and make sure it gets done.”

“For example we might get a call about delivering goods from Manchester to Blackpool with a really tight deadline.”

“If we are not able to manage it I can put the details on the Exchange and within minutes we can get back quotes for another vehicle and driver to do the job. It’s great to be able to have that flexibility and maintain good customer service.”

With 12 vehicles ranging from small vans to sprinters, KKM has a diverse client base and delivers to a variety of sectors.

Courier Exchange has allowed us to keep our business going, to grow and to meet customer demands.

Anything and everything really does apply to KKM, as Kevin explained:

“We’ve had all sorts, from dead animals going to a vet for autopsies, to a single can of Dr Pepper soft drink needed for a photo-shoot.”

“If it needs moving fast, we can move it.”

It’s this diversity which marries perfectly with Courier Exchange, arguably the world’s largest trading hub for the sameday courier and express freight industry.

Kevin can scan the Exchange if KKM has vehicles spare and tap into available work, ensuring vans do not sit idle.

And he has the peace of mind that all members are vetted and approved and operators can post and review feedback on performance and payment.
“It’s good to know you are dealing with reputable people,” said Kevin.