Mark Duggan has grown Eezehaul from a one-man operation to an award-winning a £6 million express delivery business with over 60 vehicles and 110 employees. His success is all the more remarkable because it was achieved in just 12 years and the company is continuing to grow.

Mark believes being a member of Courier Exchange has played a vital role in the phenomenal growth of Eezehaul by allowing them to accept more more loads as it expanded.

Access to the network of 6,000 plus Courier Exchange member companies gave Sussex-based Eezehaul the ability to meet customers’ demands at short notice even at its busiest times.

Courier Exchange vets its members giving us reassurance that we can be confident doing business with any of them.

It has also helped the company achieve the coveted ISO 14001 status, which it was awarded recently, by ensuring that wherever possible vehicles do not run empty on return journeys, thus cutting down on waste and reducing the average carbon footprint on deliveries.

“At Eezehaul we have always had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve and Courier Exchange has certainly helped us on our journey,” said Mark, who is Managing Director of Eezehaul.

“From the beginning we could see the benefits of Courier Exchange and it has not let us down. There are other exchanges out there but I have never found anything that matches the overall offering of Courier Exchange.”

“It is easy to use, well thought out and, most importantly, offers security. Courier Exchange vets its members giving us reassurance that we can be confident doing business with any of them.”

Courier Exchange has grown to become one of the world’s largest trading hub for the same day courier and express freight industry, enabling its members to fulfill orders and complete journeys in the most efficient way possible.

“It is invaluable, as here at Eezehaul we often need to make things happen at short notice,” said Mark. “Courier Exchange’s offering is getting stronger and stronger. Developments are progressive and user-friendly.”

“The days of putting things in the back of a van have long gone. People are now looking for service partners who can manage their logistics.”

“Eezehaul is also proud of its green credentials and using Courier Exchange means we’ve reduced wasted journeys. It is win-win -good for customers and good for the environment.”

Customer service is paramount for Eezehaul which moves an average of 5,000 consignments a day. Working to high standards also gives staff job satisfaction -the company prides itself on having a low turnover of employees.

“Courier Exchange has helped us to serve our customers well and I am certain it will continue to do so,” said Mark.

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