Supporting Owner Drivers

£0 accreditation fee during April in response to inflation and fuel prices

Supporting Owner Drivers


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Does the Exchange choose the load prices?

We don’t regulate or get involved in load prices. You decide your rates and negotiate them directly with the load-poster. If you don’t know what price to quote on a load, you can use our average price per mile guide: 

Can I see all my activity and income earned on the Exchange?

The Exchange makes it easy to manage your account either using our desktop platform or Driver app. Within our desktop and Driver app, the Diary lets you review all your load historlike bookings acquired/loads sold and the income generated. 

How do I pay subcontractors on the Exchange?

Before allocating a load to a subcontractor on the Exchange, you must agree on rates and payment terms with the other member. After they’ve completed the load and provided you with the necessary PODs and invoices, you will pay them just like you would any other member on the Exchange. 

Can I generate PODs using Courier Exchange?

You can generate electronic PODs (Proof of Deliveries) on our Driver app. With an e-signature feature included in the app, you can present PODs to your load-poster with zero fuss. Remember: having a POD is crucial to getting paid. Without one, there’s no actual proof that you’ve successfully completed the load. 

Can I rely on Courier Exchange members?

Before we grant someone access to our platform and Exchange community, we initiate a rigorous vetting process. By checking their insurance documents and licenses, we ensure that they’re fit to operate on the Exchange. We also require them to register their business on Companies House. 

Looking up a member’s reputation is easy. Everyone is left a “feedback rating” after they’ve completed a load or made a payment. You can get a good idea of the member’s level of professionalism by visiting their rating when deciding to work with them. 


Does Courier Exchange monitor the feedback members receive?

We cannot guarantee a precise standard of performance on the Exchange. It is solely our members’ responsibility to operate professionally. If a member has received a particularly poor rating they don’t agree with, they have the option to dispute it by raising a complaint. At this point, our complaints team investigates the matter on behalf of the member who raised the complaint. Once an agreement is reached, they will be informed of the outcome by our team.  

In the most severe cases, we have the authority to suspend or revoke a member’s account until the matter is resolved between both parties. 

How do I protect my existing customers if I join the Exchange?

Once you’ve joined the Exchange, all our members fall under the protection of our Rules, regulations and General Policies of the Exchange. To learn more, read our Rules, Regulations and General Policies of the Exchange: 


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