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Does the Courier Exchange dictate charges for a job?

No. You set and agree your own rates with the other Exchange member, ensuring that you can maintain or even improve your margins.

Does the Courier Exchange keep track of how much work I have bought or sold?

The Courier Exchange has designed the system so that you can manage your account easily. At any time you can view your account online and view your load history, both bought and sold, and the income you have derived from it.

How do I pay sub-contractors I have used through Courier Exchange?

Rates and payment terms for any work you sub-contract out, need to be agreed between you and the sub-contractor prior to any work being done. You will then pay them as agreed.

Does the system have the facility for POD’s?

Of course. You can communicate live with anyone you are working with at any stage of a job. A POD (either electronic or scanned copy of original) must be entered into the system to complete a booking. You can also upload your POD documents at any time. Please check the terms of the seller as they may require this to be sent via the post. We advise that you get recorded delivery as proof if required.

Does the Courier Exchange recommend any members to undertake my work?

The Courier Exchange strives to maintain a high calibre of members and we accredit everyone before giving them access. We are completely neutral and never recommend one member over another for loads or owner operator jobs. However our advanced rating system allows you to make an informed decision about the company, owner driver or seller you want to work with.

Does the Courier Exchange monitor member service levels?

The Courier Exchange cannot guarantee the performance of its members, but we do expect all our members to work as professionals. We provide a feedback system where members can rate the performance of others, once a booking has been completed through the system. We also offer best practice guidelines to all members on joining and reserve the right to terminate the account of any member whose service levels do not meet an appropriate standard.

What about my precious clients?

We understand that keeping clients is what your business is all about. The Courier Exchange is designed to help you do that, by enabling you to increase your geographical service area and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by dramatically increasing the size of your available fleet. The only members who will ever know who your clients are, will be the ones you choose to work with. Our feedback system encourages other members to treat your clients respectfully and any misuse of the Exchange will be dealt with accordingly.


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