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What is the Courier Exchange?

We’re the leading, neutral, trade-only network solution for courier companies and owner driver operations, with a heritage stretching back to 2000. We help you trade spare capacity and loads through our unique, real-time trading platform with intelligent load matching, supported by a robust member accreditation system.

Why is the Courier Exchange different from other load boards?

We specialise in couriers’ delivery movements. We have developed a highly intelligent system that allows transactions of loads and owner operator jobs to take place quickly enough to meet the demands of this industry. Also, the Exchange is a unique community, where members willingly help each other out on a regular basis.

Is the Courier Exchange only for national operators?

Absolutely not. As an owner driver, courier company or forwarder, you select the work you trade whether it’s local, regional, national or international. So, no matter whether you are an independent contractor, a small business with one office, or part of a multi-national operation, the Courier Exchange can work for you.

How can my company be part of the Courier Exchange?

You need to be a bona fide operator. Once you have registered with us, we’ll need you to lodge full company details including your accreditation documents such as insurances and licenses.

Who is the buyer or seller in the Courier Exchange process?

The seller is the member with an extra load that needs to be delivered. The buyer is the member or owner driver with spare capacity that can deliver the load on behalf of the seller.

What about my precious clients?

We understand that keeping clients is what your business is all about. The Courier Exchange is designed to help you do that, by enabling you to increase your geographical service area and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by dramatically increasing the size of your available fleet. The only members who will ever know who your clients are, will be the ones you choose to work with. Our feedback system encourages other members to treat your clients respectfully and any misuse of the Exchange will be dealt with accordingly.


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