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Where can I get a van to join the Exchange if I don’t have one?

We’ve partnered Voce Van Hire, Empire Van Hire and Flex Drive Ilford to give our members the best rates on leasing vans.




We’re also partnered with Business Choice Direct (BCD), giving our members competitive rates on all courier-related insurance. Give them a call today and don’t forget to mention the Exchange so you can get the best rates: https://courierexchange.co.uk/bcd

How much does it cost to join? 

Membership duration is a minimum of 12 months. Payment for membership is taken in advance in addition to an accreditation fee which helps you get up and running compliantly on the platform.

Starting at £99.99 for an owner-driver plan, we have several others featuring tools and solutions tailored to your business goals: https://courierexchange.co.uk/couriers-pricing/ 

Alternatively, you can give us a call today and we’ll help you choose the right plan: 0208 993 7100

How much does it cost to join Courier Exchange?

Membership duration is a minimum of 6 -12 months. Payment for your chosen plan is subject to an accreditation fee, both of which need to be paid upfront. 

Starting with £56.95 for a Starter plan, we have several others featuring tools and solutions tailored to your business goals. Give us a call today and we’ll help you choose the right plan. 0208 896 6728 

Are there other costs involved in joining the Exchange?

Aside from an accreditation fee of £169, there are no additional costs. We don’t take any commission or brokerage fees on the profit you make using our Exchange. Power to you! 

What happens if I cancel a booking on the Exchange?

You can cancel a booking if you need to, but should you cancel after the load poster has already accepted your quote and allocated the load to you, you will be liable for a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee is between you and the other member – we don’t get involved. Always check the member’s payment terms and conditions as well as cancellation policies before accepting a booking. 

How do I get paid for the loads completed on the Exchange?

The load poster will pay you once: 

  1. You’ve successfully delivered the load; 
  1. You’ve captured the load recipient’s Esignature and checked with the load poster on how they prefer to receive PODs (either as a hard copy or digitally through our driver app); 
  1. You’ve submitted your invoice and POD to the load poster according to their instructions. (Some may ask you to post a hard copy of each to their chosen address before they can pay you.) 

The load poster will have payment terms (30 or 45 days from invoice/end of the month), so pay attention to this before accepting the booking as this is when you can expect payment. 


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