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How can I get access to the system?

All you need is access to the Internet from your desktop PC or an iPhone or Android smartphone to log-on with your unique username and password. The system is entirely cloud-based, making it extremely convenient for the busy fleet or owner driver out on the road. Once you have received training, passed compliance and have been set up, you will be able to log in successfully.

How do I sell a load?

Just input the details of the load you need delivered onto the Exchange (integration with popular courier software systems is available – please speak to our team for advice or requirements). The system will send instant notifications to other members who match your job requirements and are in the local area to your pick-up. If a member is interested in your load, they will contact you directly to discuss pricing via email, telephone (or electronic quotation if you allow this) and timings for the booking.

How do I buy a load?

Just enter the details of any journey you are making where you have spare capacity onto the Exchange. This can be on an outbound or return trip. You will then receive automated real-time notifications for any loads or owner operator jobs that match your criteria, based on your location. You can also contact load posters directly from their listing, and also receive notifications based on your current location.

How do I quote for a load?

You can quote for a load by contacting the subscriber who has advertised the load via telephone, email or our Quote now button (if the member allows quotes electronically). You must receive confirmation that you have secured the load from the seller, before attending any delivery point which will acknowledge that your quote has been accepted.

Does the Courier Exchange keep track of how much work I have bought or sold?

The Courier Exchange has designed the system so that you can manage your account easily. At any time you can view your account online and view your load history, both bought and sold, and the income you have derived from it.

Do I have to stay online all day?

No. To make the most of the opportunities that are available on the Courier Exchange. We advise you to check the system as often as possible but if most of your time is spent on the road and not in front of a computer, then we have a real-time notification system. This allows you to run your business and quote for loads or owner operator jobs, even while you are on the road or at your desk.

Does the Courier Exchange monitor member service levels?

The Courier Exchange cannot guarantee the performance of its members, but we do expect all our members to work as professionals. We provide a feedback system where members can rate the performance of others, once a booking has been completed through the system. We also offer best practice guidelines to all members on joining and reserve the right to terminate the account of any member whose service levels do not meet an appropriate standard.

What does the Courier Exchange do with information it collects on its members?

The Courier Exchange is committed to protecting information it collects about its members. Information will never be shared with other parties, unless agreed with the member concerned.

Who can view my personal details?

The Courier Exchange is a secure network.

Your details are only visible to other members of the Exchange and its employees. They can view your insurances such as vehicle insurance, goods in transit, public liability and license/s (sharing of your license is optional with members, but is mandatory when requested via the Exchange’s compliance team).


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