Supporting Owner Drivers

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Supporting Owner Drivers


Find answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you're looking for, please get in touch.

How do I access the Exchange platform?

The Exchange platform can be accessed using your desktop PC’s web browser or your mobile phone’s web browser. All you need to log in is your username and password.  

The system is cloud-based, making it extremely convenient for the busy fleet manager or owner driver out on the road. Only once you’ve completed your online training and supplied us with the necessary documentation, will we be able to give you access to the platform.  

How do I move a load on the Exchange?

The great thing about our smart load-matching system is that you don’t have to worry about looking for carriers. They’ll find you. If a load posted to our Exchange matches the specifications of a carrier’s vehicle size, location and their availability, the carrier will receive this real-time load alert and be able to quote on it. From there you can either accept the quote or negotiate by phone call, email or using our built-in freight messenger. 

How do I get booked for a load on Courier Exchange?

The load alerts you receive as a carrier will all depend on your van’s location and availability. You can use your Driver app to quote on loads that suit you. The parameters in which you receive load opportunities all depends on how you’ve set up your notification preferences. If you’re looking for a load on your way back, so you don’t return empty, you can also arrange this by using the ‘Journeys’ feature on the app. 

How do I quote on a load posted to Courier Exchange?

Quoting for loads is easy using our desktop platform or app. If the load poster accepts electronic quotes, you should see a green button on the load card that says, “Quote Now”. Other members prefer receiving quotes via email or phone call, so read the load instructions carefully. Most of the time, quotes are accepted electronically using the “Quote Now” button.   

You must receive confirmation that your quote is accepted, and you’ve secured the load before attending any collection point.  

For more information, visit the Help Centre:


Do I have to stay online all day?

To make the most of the opportunities available on Courier Exchange, we recommend that you keep your GPS tracking on for your app so you can receive alerts throughout the day. As most of your time is spent on the road, using the mobile app to search and quote for loads is the best way to keep a steady supply of work. When you’re done for the day and going home, you can turn off your tracking and update your status availability to “I’m unavailable”. When you’re ready to start quoting on loads again, update your status and ensure that your GPS tracking is on to receive load alerts. 

What does Courier Exchange do with the information it holds about its members?

Courier Exchange is committed to protecting sensitive data and personally identifiable information it holds about its members. All our data on members is protected by our Privacy Policy ( and our RulesRegulations and General Policies of the Exchange (

Who can see my personal information on the Exchange?

Courier Exchange is a secure network. Your contact details are only visible to other members of the Exchange. The other members operating on the Exchange can see your van insurances like goods in transit and public liability as well as your up-to-date licenses. 


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