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Are you a professional dispatcher or driver in search of more jobs or freight forwarders? Look no further than our tried and tested services, which have helped numerous industry experts drastically increase their work assignments and their profits.

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Our objective is to help our thousands of members uncover and trade the very best owner driver jobs. With our user-friendly network, you’ll never be at a loss for owner driver courier jobs. What’s more, our platform enables you to network with other trustworthy professionals to your heart’s content.

Network With Trustworthy Members and Organisations

Each and every one of our members has undergone an extensive accreditation check, providing you with peace of mind. By joining our constantly increasing community, you’ll become part of an outstanding network of talented professionals, through which you can receive work opportunities and helpful industry knowledge.

Why Courier Our Services?

As the UK’s leading online service for owner driver jobs and freight exchange, we know exactly how to help you build relationships across Europe’s logistics industry.

We are dedicated to working with the newest and most effective features on our website, and are proud of our one-of-a-kind features:

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  • Provide extensive directory listings with an advanced search option
  • Stay connected to our members with a useful feedback system

About Us

In 1999, Transport Exchange Group (TEC) established the Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange to account for the UK industry’s significant and continuous growth. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to expanding our online networks. The result? Our two platforms are now the most successful in the country’s transport industry. For freight forwarders or drivers looking for worthwhile courier jobs, there’s nothing more effective and rewarding than browsing our vast selection of assignments.

If you’re curious about our network’s value, why not ask one of our 5,986 satisfied members? Thanks to our emphasis on facilitating real time communication, this number keeps growing at exorbitant rates. With our services, self employed courier jobs and the best networking opportunities are only a few clicks away.

We are the UK’s most respected provider of managed Freight Exchange services for a very good reason. Every month businesses use the Exchange for over 186,000 loads and to access more than 46,572 available vehicles. Our advanced networking and easy search make finding loads or available vehicles quick, safe and simple.

Upon joining our community of industry authorities, you’ll be able to take your communication and problem-solving skills to a whole new level. Need advice on where to locate more drivers and jobs, or want to discuss fuel costs and legislative changes? That’s exactly what our platform is here to facilitate.