How AK Transporters went from start-up to success in just three months


AK Transporters began with the Courier Exchange (CX) in May 2023. In just three months, their start-up has grown into a thriving business on CX.

Thanks to exposure to big-name logistic companies (and with the power to network their business) they’ve expanded their fleet. And they’ve made an ROI of 1054% in their short time on CX. That’s 10 times their initial investment.

Managing Director, Mohammed Khan, talks us through his business’s growth.

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Starting as a small team, AK Transporters faced scaling challenges during the early stages of their business.

Mohammed explains, “As a new courier company it was very hard achieving our growth targets, reducing our cost per mile and being at the level that we would have liked.”

Joining the Exchange exposed AK Transporters to a broader client base. They built a robust network. And they got to build something they never had before: brand recognition.

“Some think of CX as just a job*, but it isn’t just that. It’s a place to build your company, grow your brand, and make a name for yourself in the transport industry, especially for those who are just starting out.” 

Mohammed Khan, Managing Director, AK Transporters

Mohammed adds, “CX exposed us to clients and helped us to reach big-name courier companies, big-name logistics companies. It just boosts your level up as well.”

“If you provide a good service, and invest in technology CX can make it easy to find new clients and grow partnerships.” 

Mohammed Khan, Managing Director, AK Transporters


Remarkably, AK Transporters made their money back in less than ten days – with just a single van and two drivers.

Since then, it’s been nothing but brilliant results.

“We’re more than happy on our ROI,” Mohammed reports. “I think in the last two months, with adding CX to our operations, we’ve almost doubled our revenue whilst cutting our costs.”

AK Transporters elevated their name by collaborating with top-end logistics companies. They were soon able to invest in efficiency-enhancing tracking software to keep score of their metrics.

“We really value technology and biometrics, So, we can see we’ve decreased our dead miles by over 80% whilst also decreasing our cost per mile. And also providing our customers with a more streamlined service.”

Mohammed Khan, Managing Director, AK Transporters

And with efficiency comes higher revenue. After starting their business just 6 months ago, 3 of which have been on CX, AK Transporters are already planning to open their office before the Christmas period this year.

“I’d say we’ve exceeded our goals. We’ve already ordered more vans and we’re already expanding our fleet. It’s just onwards and upwards for us.”

Mohammed Khan, Managing Director, AK Transporters


In just three months, AK Transporters have really made a name for themselves.

“The Exchange is an exceptional platform,” Mohammed states. “If you’ve got the people, willpower and are willing to spend a bit of money it’s very easy to make the money back on CX.”

Networking also played a pivotal role in AK Transporters’ success, reinforcing Mohammed’s ethos: “The more people you know, the more money you’ll make.”

“But you can’t have everything put on a plate,” he points out. “You have to put in the work. Persistency is key. So, keep bidding for jobs until you get one.”

When asked, Mohammed’s advice to new start-ups is simple. “If you want yourself to be a big courier company in the future, if you want to grow, CX is necessary.”

In just six months Mohammed and his partner Afaq have built their company from the ground up. For AK Transporters, this is just the beginning.

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