Sole trader Gus Hunnybun spent more than a decade behind a desk as a transport planner before he decided to escape the stress of constantly ringing phones and hit the road again as an owner driver.

He set up HunnyLogistics in 2011 in Colchester, Essex, with a Citroen Berlingo van and noticed a 30-40% increase in business after joining Courier Exchange in Feb 2013.

Business was boosted even further when he started using the new Courier Exchange Mobile App which allows Exchange members to see where drivers are in real time, and where they are heading for.

DSCF9845“The App transformed everything for me – I am now visible to everybody all of the time,” said Gus, who has had to deliver all sorts of parcels, including a trip to an airport on Christmas Day to deliver a passport which a passenger had left at home.

“If you use it correctly, you are visible all the time. People can see where you are, where you are going and when you are going to get there. Customers can see where you are too – they can track you.

“So if, for example, you were coming down from Scotland and had priced for a dedicated service and a direct route, the customer would be suspicious if they saw you taking a detour to Hull on route to London.

“The Courier Exchange App isn’t only good for transport companies- it’s good for customers too.  I wish when I had been sitting behind my desk as a transport planner that I had had access to this App.”

Testimonial HunnyLogistics

Another advantage of the Courier Exchange Mobile App is that it has helped Gus to cut down the time spent sending out invoices and completing paperwork at weekends when he gets home from a busy week’s work.

“I press a button when I’ve arrived to collect and press a button when I’ve delivered and when I get home, generally 90% of the paperwork is done. The invoicing is done and the delivery time is on the Courier Exchange website.

“All I have to do is scan a Proof of Delivery via the internet and send it to them. I send an invoice in the post – all the hard work is done already. The customer can see who’s signed for it straightaway online.

“I’m a great believer in the Courier Exchange Mobile App – it just makes the whole business more professional.”DSCF9866

Looking to the future Gus is confident that, as his business grows and he takes on more customers, when he needs to place a job on the Exchange, the App will make it easier and quicker for him to find a like-minded owner-driver to take on the work. Exchange members who use the App will be notified immediately about his job that needs covering.

With this in mind he has created his own website . Not to be outdone, his dog Bobby who normally goes everywhere with Gus, regularly tweets updates about their adventures on his own twitter page @satnavbob.